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    Hey everyone!!

    We are super EXCITED to share you this NEW job opportunity with US!


    – You will be sent all footage from the week.

    – You can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a good internet connection.

    – Your main job is to edit the rough-cut of the Vlog so its 90-95% done so Benni can spend more time on crazy technical edits.

    – You will then send the edit (in 4k) to Benni so he can add his magic and fine-tune it.

    – You would have to be available every week wed-sat to be able to edit the vlogs. Exceptions can of course be made if we know in advance!

    – It would be best if you work in Premiere Pro but other programs work as well.

    – Big plus if you have skills in grading, but not a deal breaker.

    – For most if the time you will be able to work from home but on some projects it would be great if you are able to join us. In the start up phase it would be great to meet you so we can get into the workflow together.

    (As a test period of 3 months this will be an intern position without payment but if all works well our goal is to find an editor on a long term paid bases.)

    Of course the Vlog is always a “work in progress” so things might be tweaked along the way, but we do know for sure that we need more editing power/time on our team!


    – First of all, email us (at by Thursday noon CET) the video YOU made that you are the most proud of. It doesn’t have to be full of effects and crazy stuff, we are mostly going to judge the story and the nice flow of the video. We will get back to you ASAP.

    – If you don’t get a reply by Friday noon CET, it means we thought your video style wasn’t maybe fitting for this opportunity…

    – For the others, you will get an email reply with a private link to download all the raw files for this week’s vlog (we will start uploading as soon as we film something with the last uploaded file being made 8pm CET on Saturday). We usually try to film 90% by the end of Friday so not much new on Saturday).

    – Your version of the Vlog would then have to be online on Sunday at 6pm CET on your YouTube channel in 4K with this title: TEAM OVERKILLS NEW EDITOR! So lots of minutes to watch for all of you guys!

    – We will pick the best one by Monday at 6pm CET and publish it on our channel then!

    (Make sure to add your e mail in the description so we can contact you.)

    So keeping your fingers crossed that we find OUR NEW team member!