A (fast) copy cat…


OK, just one more car post, ;-) Could not really let this slide…  

I really hope that they will put this car to use in the snow with some skis in its box, why else would you release picture of a super car with a ski box on it? Well I guess you could do it to get attention, that seemed to have worked for this Swedish skier guy, but at least his car is used in the mountains with skis in it… ;-)

Photo Anders Bakke

Come on Koenigsegg, lets see you in the mountains used to get to the lift at 6am in minus 25 with skis in your box! Then I will look at this picture and REALLY enjoy it, until then I will look at it like a copy cat marketing move… ;-) (If I do see you I will race you all the way to the top!)

If it has a box on it it should be used in the snow, even if the battery is dead and you have to use an old Volvo to start her up!… ;-)


  • I enjoy your website, especially your shots, do you really take them yourself? In Scotland we are blessed having a great variety of blooms, by far the most stunning of which are in all likelihood the early spring flora. May I use a few of the photos in my personal blog site? I will back link any photos back to here of course. Charlotte Henry

  • Max

    I thought this was you’re new car:

    But on this a skibox isn’t possible;)

  • This stands out as the very first time I’ve commented right here and I need to say you give genuine, and high quality facts for bloggers! Good task.

  • Max

    Thule in on the bottom.

  • Max

    Thule is shit, Plastic crap.

    Real stuff is Packline. Glasfiber is for real

  • mr cool

    thule sucks, they have the most ugly skiboxes on the market. Packline and Skiguard looks much better and sporty, sure the can customize a carbon one!

  • hey man, nice blog,I really like it and added it to bookmarks. keep up with good work

  • Well i think the Agera is 2 wheel drive. don’t think its going to be as good as the lambo in snow.

  • birdie

    the Thule box looks fantastic on the Agera….sorry Jon- but I think you are number 2 now…in this aspect of course…on the mountain you rock!

  • GrasRoofBWoy

    hey jon,
    you know the german tv show “Grip”…
    anyways, they had the bad ass racing cars 2010 rated…
    lambo was 5th, mercedes sl somthing 4th… then they had bmw m6 g power hurricane on 1st place…
    how bout this one?
    i bet it would fit a skibox!!
    and more room!

  • NK

    Bara att sälja lambon o beställa denna istället :) Klart mkt råare

  • Tom

    Sorry to say Jon… this one looks better then your lambo… especially how well that box integrates with the car…

  • rickard

    Du jag undrar vart du har din lambo stå nu när du inte kör med den. Och om du kommer ha var den sen när du får din nya.
    Ha det gött broder! :)

  • nn

    “The Agera R displayed at Geneva is a customer car, which will be delivered to a Norwegian owner”
    So I suppose there will be a race.
    Låt inte norrbaggen vinna nu bara :)

    • Ola

      But which Norwegian? Only skier that springs to mind is Aksel..

  • Tom

    Ski box on a RWD supercar? At least Jon’s Lambos/Nissan GTR are AWD.

  • JobReinbergen

    This one was actually custom made, so Koenigsegg isn’t really the copycat up here, it’s the buyer!
    If only Koenigsegg would sponsor you… Whoaaaa!

    /JOB (/copycatname)

  • Don´t like the look at all with the ski box. looks strange..would like to se it from more angels.

    Smart construction to have the roof and a ski box molded together but £17600??? not worth the money.


  • asbjørn

    i had almost forgot how good the SV looked! especially from that angle, what an epic car that was!!!

  • Driver

    Roofbox in carbon fibre is actually a special roof section with a roof box. Will set you back some £ 17600!! (including two pairs of Koenigsegg skis)

    It obviously has winter wheels for almost £ 8000…

    Still – not the most practical winter car….

  • J

    Why don’t get a Swedish car? I’m of course thinking of Koenigsegg and its perfect cars. I think that’d be something really extra, a Koenigsegg with roof-box. Killin’ it!

  • markus

    Is the new lambo still opening his wings at a certain speed?

  • Sandra

    It’s a huge compliment aswell. They know there are thousands of guys that would wanna be you or have your talent. Now those who dont have the talent but have the money, can buy the car at least :) I think everyone that are into fast cars and extreem sports know u were the first dude to sport a rooftop box!

  • Ludas

    Haha you’re absolutely right.
    But I have to admit, that skibox on the ‘Segg looks better than the box on your old SV. Maybe you should ask for one like this for your Aventador or FF?

    Here’s a quick p-shop of the FF with a box: http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/6917/skitrip.jpg

  • Erik A

    Very nice