And we are back at it! ;-)

Got to Gmund late last night, slept a few hours and drove over to Innerkrems in the morning for a session with the Finish team. Have a great set up for the next few weeks. Oskar Andersson from the Swedish team has joined me as a coach down here and we will be training with the Finish team for the next 12 days. I will admit that having your own coach really makes a big difference! Getting constant feedback and having someones eyes on you the whole time is just kind of sweet!

The focus over the next few days will be to test out a bunch of new equipment and just try to work on getting more solid on my skis! Super fun to be back on the snow, but I will admit that after 6 runs my body did feel that it spend the better part of yesterday in the car… ;-) 


  • great to hear you now have your own coach – I am sure it’s really useful having someone always there to help you :)

  • Mendis

    I think it is a great decision having a technical coach like Mr.Andersson with a SL background. Have fun and train hard. ;)