Best moments of April 2012


As we are having a nice day off here in Hinterreit I thought it was a good time to bring up some highlights from April of 2012! One of the very best month of the year!

Delivery of my Audi R8 As I took delivery of it in April I did not think we needed winter tires, but I was kind of wrong! ;-) The transport car never made it up to the hotel so we had to get out in the middel of the night and drive the car up on summer tires… Not the normal way to take delivery of a super car! haha

Jon Olsson Invitational The most hectic time of the year, but when things come together like they did, its all worth it!

Red Bull Homerun As my brother was out due to injury I had to defend the family honor! And so I did! ;-)

Audi Driving Experience at Nürburgring After all the skiing it was time for some car crushing with Audi, such a fun day!


  • awesome shots – love that car.

  • justus

    Shall we trade? you’ll make my exams and I’ll ski and drive your Audi ;)

  • Jacke

    The first 10 or so photos are amazing. Kudo to the photographer! :)

    • Jacke

      … Kudos …

  • sim

    what a month