1. Lamborghini Huracan

    I have to say that Lambo really stepped it up with this one. Might be the best stock highway car I have ever tried! Not good for my license... ;-)
  2. Lamborgini Murcielago LP640

    This car took close to 3 years to build, but now its fully customized and even if its not a brand new car it has an amazing charm to it! V12 Lambos are always badass!
  3. Audi RS6 DTM

    This is hands down the best car I have ever had. It had the space, the power and was just an amazing machine! I kind of regret that I sold it. Unfortunately the car was burned to the ground after I sold it.
  4. Audi Rs6

    The Audi Rs6, best car I have ever owned, can't wait to see how it comes out after the rebuild!
  5. Rebellion

    The final version on the Rebellion. Since Leif did his magic it worked flawless and got me through two Gumballs! All I need is an AC and this car is money!
  6. Audi R8 Camo

    The final look of the R8 with some camo, playing around in the snow shortly before I sold it!
  7. Audi Q7

    My first big car, loved every minute of this awesome 3.0 disel. I did not need to stop for fuel every two hours and I could load as much as I wanted! Stock besides a lowering kit and 22 inch wheels.
  8. Audi R8

    The 800 hp carbon fiber Audi R8. 100% custom with a new carbon fiber wide body kit and a Stasis super charger. Amazing car in which I did Gumball in 2012.
  9. Gallardo

    This Gallardo was the first "ski box super car" I actually used all winter winter long to drive between ski resorts! It was was treated with a DMC body kit and a custom ski box. 40 000km in one winter!
  10. The Nissan GT-R

    The Nissan GT-R for sure one of the best cars I hav had! Drove it 50 000km in one winter including the Gumball 3000 London to Istanbul
  11. Ultima GT-R

    I Never got to drive the Ultima GTR a lot but I did change the look more times than I can remember! This was the Rebellion R1k look. Drove it a total of 200 meters with this body as the thing never worked.
  12. Murcielago LP 670 SV

    Maybe the most badass car I have ever owned. First time I saw an SV was in Cannes and I remember that I almost died when I saw it, unreal that I owned my own SV a year later!
  13. The Ultima GTR

    The Ultima GTR got yet another update with new wheels, air jack systems etc. Worked great besides the center look wheels!
  14. The Ultima GTR

    The Ultima GTR got a little rebuild as I wanted a new look, got me closer to what I wanted but not all the way!
  15. Murcielago LP 640

    The LP 640 in an all black look and a ski box. Crashed the front lip on my very first day driving it from Stokcholm to Trysil, cried for 3 weeks straight!
  16. Camo winter

    The first ever Camo winter transporter! The idea of a ski box on a car like this started as a joke, but I guess it was a good one!
  17. Ultima GTR

    As I started doing a lot of track days I wanted the fastest car possible, so I went for the Ultima GTR after having tried one on Gotland ring.
  18. Porsche 996 Turbo

    Porsche 996 Turbo. Bought the car in Germany, drove it to Monaco. Left for the states for 2 months, won a lot of contests, came back and traded it for a yellow Gallardo, so I only drove it one day! haha
  19. BMW E36 GTR

    BMW E36 GTR. My first real widebody car, not the fastest in a straight line, but just awesome in the turns!
  20. BMW M3 CSL

    One of my favorite cars to date, loved every single track day in this one. Drove 3000 laps on Gotland ring in one summer! This is what really got me into cars and racing!
  21. BMW E30

    BMW E30 race car. Not the most expensive or pretty car I have had, but great times on the track!
  22. Subaru WRX STI

    When I bought this I had planned to keep it stock. That did not happen and I rebuilt the whole thing, only problem was that I blew the engine on the first day! Not a great start, but after that we had a lot of fun going sideways in the mountains!
  23. 1971 Camaro

    Race engine with NOS and 700 hp. Blew the engine on the way home buying the car. Not a great start to our relationship... haha Grew to love it with a new engine a year later. Nothing like a good old American muscle car!
  24. VW Passat W8

    Passat W8 with BBS wheels and Feritta exhaust. This was not my first car, but could not find a picture of the Mazda B2000 (with awesome flames on) that was my first car!