• Jason Romain

    Hey Jon my name is Jason Romain im 23 years old. I live in California, Ive been watching you for over two years now. I really admire and appreciate the work you do. You and Janni seem to have a awesome and unique relationship that I and many others find inspiring. I was talking with my Mom today, she knows that I watch your vlogs every week, she said why dont you send Jon a email. I was like umm I never really thought about it cause I know your supper busy. But I believe its worth a shot so here Iam in the comments. Im going through a bit of a TIGHT right now In my life and I wanted to reach out to you be cause I look up to you. If you have any room on team Overkill or Douchebag or any help you may need for future projects feel free to send me a message.
    thanks ….