Extraball 6000


Finally! ;-) Even for me this was kind of a crazy week! 10016km in 13 days including 8 nights of partying is pretty much as stupid as it gets! 

Got back to Sthlm this morning at 07.30 after a pretty long night on the roads (2700km in one leg). Then I slept for couple hours and then I just tried to make the day go by so that I could place myself in a bed and prepare to stay there all night!

Below are all the shots from the "going home part" of Extraball, such a great adventure!  Make sure not to miss the videos of the Lambo playing submarine and fire shooting dragon! 

Kind of a crazy route plan!

Click on pictures for larger images and better quality!

Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do to make his way back home! ;-)

The new "un official world speed record for winter cars". (with winter tires and ski box) ;-) ;-) ;-) Bring it on K-egg, show us what you got! ;-) Thanks to Germany for their great speed limits!

Right now I am going to do something that I have not done in a while, sleeeeeep a lot for a full night! Gumball was kick ass and I cant wait for next year! Then its time to really take it on seriously and go all in! ;-)

One more rest day tomorrow before I fly out to Folgefonna, super stoked to ski! 


  • François

    All Gumball pictures are just gorgeous. could you send them without the grey band ? It will be very kind.

  • Nicolas

    Is it possible to get a hi-res of the first flame-trowing lambo photo? :-)
    Would be great.

  • nc.ch

    jon olSon sticker on the lambo? was only one “S” left at gumball? confused…

  • neuve

    Lambo video got to topgear.com today!

  • elias

    do you like the Greece??

  • Gonzalo

    Hi Jon!

    No words to describe this years Gumball! just amazing!

    Have a great day!

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  • Ola

    You said it, This is epic winning

  • Sven


    Where did Bode get off your TNT-Tour? Guess he didn’t have the balls to go through with it, did he?

  • Roddderz

    Leif. Legend.

  • Kjell

    For when Gumball just isn’t enough!

  • Persson

    Nice update!
    On the vid with the flame shooting lambo, Is it the exhaust manifold glowing that you see next to the rear wheel??? If that´s the case, You are my hero!!

    How will it be with the lambo now? It was traded for the Aventador, but now you got some serious mileage put on it…
    Anyway, I live near the lambo dealer in Skene, Sweden. Saw the LP670 there several times. My favourite lambo to this day!!!

  • Carl

    insane! nice update. 290 with a ski box and winter tires??? an adventure like that should be on tape, its like a top gear challenge! really nice pics though. keep up the god work!

  • filip


  • Ian Burson


  • chris

    the next 10.000km on the lambo :) thats freaking

  • Marcus R

    Jaja! Sno Cali06-looken bara;)

  • Jorn.

    How many km’s are there the counter of the lamborghini? Just curious.

  • hmm

    Best post all time

  • Jorn.


  • Mb

    You sir, are a boss.

  • Mads

    Amazing pictures Bakke!

  • MTisYNIQ

    What a adventure!!