Fuck triples…


Have been thinking about them for a while, but thought I had decided that i was to old for it and that I should just let it go. Last night before I went to bed I think I changed my mind, think I need to do one.

That has been fucking with me all night and I have not slept well at all, now I cant eat. Then I saw Sammys switch tripe this morning and that sealed the deal, either I need to do one or quit jumping.

That's the bad part, the good part is that i am fully convinced that i can do it and I see one super clearly in my head, now all I need to do is think about this for a few weeks and them make sure to sack up and get one done in NZ! I do wish that NZ was tomorrow as I will have a constant butterfly (not a nice one, and evil "I cant eat" butterfly) in my stomach until i have tried it…)

That was that, the part I love to hate and hate to love about this sport, a constant urge for something more! 

Will be back later today with some pics from MC and a few blog answers!


  • Lane Smith

    hell yeah Jon!

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  • jare

    Ah, Cmon jon. Heres another one to support you! Go Sweden =)

  • Jameson

    If triple flat and switch triple flat have already been done go for a triple cork that would be insane.
    never saw bobbys but i heard it was triple flat or rodeo

  • karl

    go for the 16 ;)

  • Rizzla

    Hey Jon, you have My full support!!! Go get them Tigah!!!!

  • switch trip 14!! go for it yoooon!

  • gkh10

    u can do a trip no problem. sammy even had room to get in the extra 180 and ride out switch for a 14. that trip 14 can be yours YOON! go settle it man, you can do it if you really want it~

  • Patrick

    Turpin does em…

  • Tanner

    I would say there are between 1 and 2 triple off axis things in skiing right now. If you add a new one you seriously have to give it a funny and ridiculous name.

  • camilo

    lets go jon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Why do you have to do the triple just because of Sammy?
    I think we should leave the sport to the creative side, and let’s face it, a triple is not creative. Of course, tons of props to Sammy for going triple, and loads of props to you, Jon, if you stomp one.
    But lets just not forget that we also love watching stylish and quality skiing.

    And no, I am not saying “fuck triples” but I want everybody to remember that we should keep loving the style of Adam Delorme, Mike Hornbeck etc.

  • Robert

    Yeah Jon!
    Do the real Tornado!

  • js5

    You can do it Jon, either go out with a bang or fade away!

  • Joel

    Jon, you’re never to old to do anything.
    It’s always a question about attitude and you have the right spirit boy!
    It’s hard for you to see but we other see a guy called Jon making impossible things possible constantly. We will see you nail that tripple, we will see you win both x-games and OG 2014, at least I think you are the only one capable of doing that. You’re an amazingly excellent person for someone to model themselves on in my opinion. Kepp on rockin dude and thanks for everything! Stoked on NZ

  • Just for free

    Just do it just do it. and quit being a puzzey! Good luck and bedazzle every one.

  • FL

    Now we’re talking Jon! This is why I keep watching your blog! Keep it up!

  • jt


    what’s the deal with this?


    Not invited and Sammys picture with your car?

    ps. you can do that triple anytime!

  • Ma

    Fuck Tripples, you are not a aerial jumper!!!!

  • johan
  • Sybe

    Ps Don’t QUIT!

  • Sybe

    WO sammy triple is Sick! Jon you can do it as well! this will take it to an other level (again!) with this move’s you will win plenty of gold medals again! :P

  • that triple from sammy is supersweet.
    go for it jon. you’re never too old to learn so go and do that triple.

    peace out,

  • mats

    Just do it just do it. don’t be a pussy…. ;)

  • Simo
  • chris

    I think you can do a triple Jon!

    Here is Sammys… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKyUsgeJrS0

    • Global Playboy

      Great link Chris

      Jon I have been calling that shot of the triple kangaroo for 1.5 yrs

      JON OLSSON get to a water ramp that is set up big enough to do 30 of them

      STAY SAFE then build your own jump with steep enough landing and triple the outrun so you can’t possibly land on the flats

      Amazing that Sammy did that switch

      Jon if u don’t do it no problem much rather see u competing in GS in 2014

      Game up to a lifestyle

      • Global Playboy

        at the very least you rise on the first flip staying a minimum level on the 2nd flip (preference is rising ) still on second flip because it is hard to flip when u are dropping

        Bottom line safety safety safety

        I’ve never done a triple and never will but like u always do think safety

        The skiing community needs you healthy the gunball rally needs you healthy and you 100 million viewers around the world need you

        (smiling here in newport beach)

  • J.

    Post Sammys triple!
    Stoked on you doing the triple, but don´t do it in tornadostyle. Take a different grab, like japan air or something.

  • andy

    where did u see sammys triple?? i’d like to see it too!!


    Så skall det låta!!

  • Jure

    Fuck yeah,
    I knew you wouldnt just let it go.
    The route you chose in life is hard but you are doin it!!
    Yes sir :)

    greets Jure

  • Jim

    Boom, right there. Thats why you’re the best.