So we are back on here again!

The week long adventure that we just finished here in Marbella is finally over! It really feels sureal to have seen all these places in such a short amount of time and I cant believe the work that Leif has done with the car, it has truly tured out to be an amazing machine, I mean, who else can build a car, not have time to test it and then run 6700 km on shit roads in full speed? Now that is the testimate just to how good of a job he has done, so thanks Leif for making all the pictures below possible!

As my house is under full construction I have to head over and check out how things are going and plan for what to do, so enjoy the pics below!

The day before the start, perfect sun and 30 degrees!

My two lovely ladies!

One last break check, tured out the ESP was causing the problems  but once the ESP was turned off it was running perfect, looked super funny to see a full on race car on the grid!

One of my favorite cars of Gumball, the Incinerator!  The only way to get in the car is to walk in over the hood!

Start day and poring rain!

The Tumbler did not run to long this year, but next year they are counting on the full 3000 miles in this car, amazing dedication!

This shot does not make this moment justice!  The water hole must have been 30-40 cm deep and came straight over the car!

On the ferry to Helsingborg, I was exhausted after driving in the heavy rain!

The Suedes helping out!

The Swedish police made a great job in keeping the streets safe without stopping everybody! They just cruised along and kept things under control!

Check point in Stockholm, crazy turn out! 

A nicely loaded ferry to Finland!

While most guys were at the police in Finland we finally got our visas and made our way to the russian boarder!

Waiting for friends at the russian boarder.

Ready for Russia! Thanks to Alpinestars for hooking me up with the suit!

Our 8 car crew to Russia!  Ferrari FF, Ferrari F12, Ferrari 458, 1000hp Nissan GTR, Mclaren, Porsche Turbo S, Rebellion R2k and the Q7.

The crew!

The guys that got to the boarder early had a police escort, we did not have one so we started slow but after a while we were back in full speed, I just cant believe that the car held up 200km in full speed on these roads!

I think this was the best hour of Gumball this year, just crazy to see all these cars all over the road!

Janni was not to excited after the little drive we had, but she sure is a trooper that put up with us idiots! ;-)

Police escort out of Russia!

Once big armored car and one mini racer!

First they bust us, then they want to take a picture! ;-)

The Austrian police was ready for us…

Never have I seen so many under cover cars, they sure are hard to spot these days! ;-)

Ticket nr 5 for the day, Janni loving me!

The day after the start I was worried about heat, on the Italian border we had 1 degree out and smoke was coming out of our months when breathing, for sure the most intese hours of Gumball this year!

Rain rain rain!

And 3 hours later the sun was back when arriving to Monaco!

Arriving to Fairmont!

I think this one goes out to Janni, thanks for being a kick ass GF and putting out with 5000km in the carbon fiber torture chamber! ;-)

The best part about this years Gumball, arriving in Monaco just in time for the F1 week end!

Pool time with mr Byggmark!

The Fairmont pool taken over by Gumballers!

Alex, Moi, gary and Strebel at Sea Lounge!


The crazy old man!

Moi, Oscar Andersson and Bun B finishing the week end off in great spirits!


  • RichardChuck

    lo mejor de lo mejor, si que si.. =D

  • magdalena

    Oh! I’m from Poland! :)
    I love the pic with police man!

  • Hower J.
  • KidTouchinStuff

    your lady is almost as beautiful as that gorgeous car!!! looked like a great trip. thanks for the photos

  • Dmitri

    Nice photos, nice trip :) But…as for me, I would not publish photos with radar-detector near Finnish-Russian border. It’s evidence :)

  • bartek16233

    Nice photos;) Your girlfriend is very pretty;D
    Greetings from Polish:) Welcome back

  • Will

    more cred to mr. bakke!

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  • Thanks for the awesome pictures!, seems like the coverage of Gumball were quite bad this year, so thanks for this and always a treat to see Oskar´s pictures.

  • Jon, would it be ok to share these incredible photos on my website – – I will credit them to you/your photographer etc. I just know my readers on my blog will LOVE these? Please do let me know… Thanks so much. Ben Hulme – @Scaleogy

  • Been following the Gumball this year – it’s been fantastic. Your photos are second to none. Loving the car and the vibe of the Gumball this year… Thanks for sharing #youngandminted

  • Christian

    Alletiders “fotojournal”.
    Man drømmer om at få penge til en sådan tur! :-)

    • Ja det gør man sku`:D
      Jeg må nøges med at køre til Stockholm, og se på dem!:)

  • I think these are the best photos of the Gumball. It shows the diverse nature of a 3000 mile road trip! Awesome work and absolutely LOVE the car :) All the best and see you next year!!!

  • Mackan

    Hur har de andra i Gumball tjänat ihop sin förmögenhet?

  • just_me

    You are awesome, JON!!! I feel like an idiot, because i was too shy and didn’t ask to take a picture with you in Riga… I will regret it long…..

  • Josh

    who is JD?