• Ian

    When is that extra footy thing with Jon and Colby coming out??? Wasn’t it supposed to be released right after team canada?

  • Aaker

    I really can not understand why you actually participate in this stupid event populated by total losers and douchebags. From my perspective and from a personal branding perspective it is a huge mistake. The event might sound cool and the cars are cool indeed, but under the hood the event is populated by third range people.
    Your only excuse is that you actually look like you have realised just how stupid the event and its participants is on the video updates.

  • Eric

    Wow, that was a super boring update! We wanna see fast cars, hot chicks and hear V12 Lambo sound :)

  • I was using my 5D to shoot some Gumballcars today just outside Stockholm as they passed Upplands Vasby. Missed you Jon as I was looking at some other car when you passed. You where kinda slow then. Best of luck, hope to meet one day. / K.

  • Gabriel

    who else does not care about jon being on some stupid care race where rich guys love themselves because of their cars and wants to see him skiing?

  • Adam

    Why do a lot of the cars have the puma logo over the rear wheels?

    • Kjell

      Sponsors I’d assume.

  • Greek god of Nature

    It would be great to have a small peep hole in the ski box that u could click a button and film kinda like a helmet cam (another potential endorsement deal for you)
    What is u max speed with the ski rack on top?

    And thankfully you are getting the bulk of the press although that batmobile in my mind clearly dominates

    Talk about creativity and making it happen

    You are living a movie praise God

    This gumball blog along with the one that you dominated and won on the europa tour and finally the one that you were surfing in monaco and almost really caught some big air as in sail away to heaven with that surf expediton are my three favorites

    Is Oliva going to join you for a leg or two of the 3000 mile expedition

    • gkh10

      NATURE guy, -please explain the comment you frequently use: “game up to a lifestyle” -i find it very interesting

  • gkh10

    ******hey “NATURE” greek god guy etc.**********

    please explain “game up to a lifestyle” for everyone, including myself. that would be great, thx!

  • chris

    Hey Crill, are you still using the 7D for shooting @gumball?

  • Kapten

    Polishelikopter på väg ner söderut, och polisen har redan börjat Ställa upp en grön minibuss med laser i mittremsan precis innan Södertälje kanal. Stort lycka till från hyllan på kallis =)

  • Patson

    Good work on the fake american accent Jon. Sounds ridiculous!

  • asbjørn

    i just thought about that this morning, the skibox have to do something with the aerodynamics on the car… i mean the wing is there for a reason, and with the huge box on top the effect have to be sort of destroyed.. what is your with-box speed limit then? not that you would test that sort of thing on the public roads in gumball…..:)

  • MK

    With the ski box and that color your car look fuckin stealth

  • Dan

    I thought your ski box speed limit comment was interesting, I hadn’t really thought about that. I’m sure your big air career has given you a pretty serious appreciation for physics…

    • Erik

      The world of physics is stunned: a ski box on top of your car seems to affect the the aerodynamics of the vehicle…

      • hm

        älska sarkasm