• Fredde123

    Hi Jon, love your stuff as always! You truly have made an amazing life journey.

    I usually just follow your posts without commenting, but today I’m making an exception. I’ve been following your blog/vlog since you were still an active freeskier and today I’m feeling a little nostalgic after reading a bunch of athlete interviews on Newschoolers.
    Lately, there has been a shift on the freestyle skiing scene with a lot of old pros either quitting their careers completely or at least moving on from the competitive scene in favor of filming. There is a lot of new talent out there, but many pros mention in interviews that although the skiing nowadays is amazing, they miss the old comradery that used to be associated with competitions in the good old days.

    Would this not be a perfect moment to bring back JOSS one more time? The event has been gone long enough to cause a major splash in the industry should it return, and at the same time we are at a point where there are several generations of amazing skiers that are still active enough to put on a great show. Imagine a team of veterans such as TJ, Russ, Jossi etc. competing against current competition skiers, or another NS squad! In addition to that, it is rumoured that Simon Dumont has been spotted at Park City and even Tanner is making a strong comeback, albeit in the freeride world tour rather than primarily in the park. Considering how many different directions skiing is currently evolving in, it should be easy to put together a bunch of diverse teams and create a hell of a show. In addition, the social media scene has made the ski movie industry turn more and more towards shorter segments, meaning that there are a lot of people out there who have ample experience with producing high-quality, short edits. The x-games real ski contest is very popular and basically copies your old concept of competing with edits, which shows that the community is interested in an alternative to the standard competition format. Even Dew Tour is switching things up, by having team competitions and splitting the slope runs into a rail and a jump event. JOSS would be a very interesting addition to the competition season, as I recall you managed to create quite a hype surrounding the weeks of production back in the day.

    We all know that JOSS was difficult and expensive to put together. But with ten more years of business and life experience than last time, I am sure you could pull it off. Just imagine the headlines if the great Jon Olsson could bring back his iconic freeski event and bring all the old pros and the new blood together a final time.

    Please do this! Pretty please, with sugar on top?