Its WIDE and very WILD


Good morning!  Just woke up in the middle of Germany after a great night of sleep! Left Stockholm at 04.50 yesterday, drove down to Leif, worked on the RS6 for 6 hours, drove down to Select cars to check out a Lambo build that I have been a bit involved with, picked up Fredrik in Copenhagen and drove halfway through Germany before we called it a day! Long one but super fun!

So here you go, some picks of the RS6, I kind of hate showing pics during the build process as you really have to have good imagination to see what the finished product will look like. There are basically two ways to rebuild a car like this, you can scan it and build the parts in 3D or you can do it the old fashion way if you are a super surgeon with shaping tools (like Leif is) I like the old fashion way as you can really see what the car is going to look like when you have it infront of you, and I love trying out shapes with cardboard and tape! This way you shape the parts on the car and then build a mould and create the parts from there. As you can see this is going to be kind of nuts, even for me! haha Great to play around with tape and find the last design details though, I know is not for everyone, but I always wanted to do a DTM inspired car, what do you guys think, wild enough? ;-)

The Lambo was also a crazy looking build as well, a LP 640 in the base but 100% rebuilt from scratch to a LP670, only a whole lot bigger wheels, bigger brakes, new interior and a TON of carbon fiber from DMC, can't wait to see this when its finished, the Aventador is cool, but my favorite Lambo will always be the Murcielago LP670!

Time to jump back in the car, picking up Janni in Munich and we still have 550km to go before noon, so see you guys in Innsbruck!


  • Harry

    I must have missed this blog post…the RS6 is going to look insane, great vision! Can’t wait to see that finished, such a shame Gumball won’t be coming through London to see it for real! Look forward to the next update. Jon maybe you should be setting up a tuning shop?! Olsson Design ha?

  • Will

    So if you had chosen an RS7, we’d soon see a DTM RS7 ? :p

    The end result could be a bit too broderline as some have said but in a way, driving a winter camo wagon is already a bit borderline IMO :p

    You’ll put the camo again when it’s done ? The end result would be quite different. With the camo, it would help blend the dtm kit and the many winglets, even if you keep a carbon look for some of the parts.

    If it was me, I’d just try to keep (or compliment) a few of the car stock features, like blending the winglet with the little red air intake at the front, or the fold on the side.

    You can put a MASSIVE diffuser as well^^

  • Gumballfan

    Looks awesome Jon!

    The only thing missing is the side exhaust, like they have in the DTM.
    But creating that would be really difficult.

  • Fredrik

    Ser bra ut! Du är en sjuk man som sätter kapen i en RS6a men jag kunde inte älska det mer :D övertygad om att slutresultatet kommer bli episkt! Har läst lite om projektet och vad du ska göra med bilen men inget nämnt om fälgarna. Du kommer väl byta ut originalfälgarna!?

    Med vänlig hälsning,

    • JON

      Klart vi kommer det! ;-)


  • Carl-Hampus


    Jag får min A6 allroad 313 HK i helgen

  • Raphael

    Hi Jon!
    I’ve got a question because i think this would look awesome on my little audi s1.. how do you paste up your wheels with the Michelin-Signature?
    Thanks for a short Feedback and have a great day!

  • Tom

    Bigger is better!! Screw the neigh sayers. As long as it’s all functional keep it!! Love the front splitter but wish it could be lower (guessing it’s not practical to go lower?) get some of those huge brakes on the audi as well!! But get carbon ceramic ones instead!! What winter tyres are you going to run?

    • JON

      Me too, but its nice to be able to drive it as well! haha Will go with MEGA Movit brakes, not ceramic though due to the fact that i drive it in the cold and in the winter, which makes steel a better option! Going for Michelin 295 wide in the winter and 305 wide in the summer! Sounds work great I think!


  • Oscar

    Hi Jon!

    I really like your work both on this car and your previous. Making a badass race wagon for everyday use is just so hardcore, and a dream.
    I don´t know here you got your inspiration for your build (except the DTM theme) but the two most extreme wagons I know for now is:
    A widebody CTS-V Wagon doing high 10´s on the 1/4
    And Liberty Walks widebody 3-series touring.
    Check them out if you haven´t seen them. However I thing your is going to be a hell lot more awesome.

    I thought of some things since you doing this so extreme, have you thought of doing something with the mirrors? I thing it would be cool if you maybe had cameras instead to make it cleaner or more race with ex. BMW M4 mirrors or P1. Another thing is the hood, have you thought of a “hood scoop”? I think a “hood scoop” like the Ferrari F12, your old Audi R8 or maybe Challenger Hellcat would look great. Since you did not go with a ski box on the Rebellion because of the doors, are you going to have one on this? I think it would be kind of nice if you got the right style on it and since it is one thing recognized as you. It is just a small things but i think it can make quite a difference. The final thing i thought about your car is about the front splitter, I don’t think it should be wider than the rest of the car.

    I know it is a lot of opinions and thoughts, this is mine and its because of your car builds are so addictive and inspiring. Keep up the good work and i think no one will be disappointed at least not you! Hope you are able to take time to answer, would appreciate your opinion.

    Best Regards, Oscar

    • JON

      I have seen them and I just love the wide wagons!

      As for mirrors we do have a great plan, will take some time to figure out though! As for hood scoop we looked at it yesterday and the tough part is that I will use it in the snow so and open scoop will bring a lot of snow into the engine bay, which might not be ideal, so we are trying to figure out hwot o do it in the best way!

      Still deciding on the box, will see how it pans out! ;-)


      • Oscar

        Thanks for your answear!

        It seems like you have thought of everything and having a good plan. Good luck and I am looking forward to see the car finished!


  • If your Rebellion is any indication of what you and your team are capable of, this car will certainly not disappoint. I think the only people that won’t fall in love with it, are the ones that don’t “get it.” The euro crowd, specifically the Audi guys, need a build like this to look up to. And the fact that you’re using a wagon just makes it that much cooler.

  • Primoz

    Maybe watch it a bit with the dive planes in front of the rear arches, they could be not only ankle cutters but ankle busters. Maybe just box off the area between the door and the flared arch? After all, DTM is all about (aerodynamic) function, you’d want to help extarct the air fromt he wheel well too, not just direct it over the arch (that will give you downforce, but there will be a high pressure area left under the arch, giving maybe even more lift).

    • JON

      Very true! Will see what can be done with that!


  • richard

    I think the ducktails are too boy racer\fast and the furious which i don’t like.
    the front diffuser is too big and will break of at the first speed bump. i think you need to take all the elements you put on their and reduce it by 30% some of them are just too big they are not DTM like but almost bad taste tuner.
    the flared wheel arches are great

    • JON

      I do agree that the winglets can be taken down a bit, that is the last thing we will put on the car so we did not spend to much time on it today. Its all about the balnce of crazy but still nice. Lip sticks out 3cm from the stock lip so no risk of breaking, not enen on a speed bump.. ;-) (Its actually like a monstertruck compared to the R8 and Rebellion) ;-)

      Great to get feedback though!


  • Halvor

    Hvorfor montere snøplog nå rett før vintersesongen?

  • Ant

    I think, the only less good thing, is that those diffusers will be easy to broke at any small impact or under severe conditions ice snow low temperatures..
    here you have the civic wagon from the btcc and from 1994 the volvo 850
    Your rs6 is on another level, congratulations Jon for your creativity with spectacular results! You should go to work in Audi in a few years!

    • JON

      The diffusers/winglets are 5 layers of corbon so they will not break, but its important to get the look and size right! ;-) (I know nothing but if Leif says they will hold without a problem I trust him! haha)


  • marie

    I love the passion you have Jon, but i think that with this design, there is a very thin line/boarder between a cool, aggressive design, and a design that looks like bad taste tuning…
    And i feel (but that is just my very personal judgment!) you have crossed the line and end up with something which looks too much ‘tuning’ and not super refined…

    I guess this is all a matter of personal taste, but i very much prefered all your other cars…

    • JON

      I could not agree more, it is a borderline projects, but I think once its all in carbon and shapes are perfected (and probably taken down a bit when it comes to the winglets) I hope to land on the right side of the line! (That is my line that is a bit more extreme than the last few cars) ;-)

  • Jonas

    Hey Jon,

    When you just model the parts in regards to the look how do you know if that is also what works best for the aerodynamics?

    Have fun in Austria ;)

    • JON

      Well we dont! ;-) There are some basic guidelines in aerodynamic (I actually read a few books on it) And Leif was the chief developer at Koenigsegg, so he has a lot of experience from that! But only time will tell how it feels in 300 plus!


  • Daniele

    you are insane my friend.. :D

  • Magnus

    Grundformerna på breddningen ser grymt bra ut, men alla dom små vingarna längs sidorna och i främre hörnen är jag mer tveksam till. Det ger ett rörigt intryck. Även frontspoilern ser märklig ut. Den stämmer inte formmässigt med några andra linjer och bilen ser framtung ut. Den har ju redan från början ett aggressivt utseende i fronten så personligen hade jag valt att försöka förstärka dessa ytterligare istället för att ändra formspråket helt. Men det är ju vad jag tycker! Det är ju din bil och hur du än väljer att göra är jag övertygad om att du och Leif kommer att få till ett grymt resultat!

    Basic forms of expansion looks really good, but all the small wings on the sides and in the front corners, I’m more hesitant. It gives a messy look. Also, the front spoiler looks strange. It’s not aesthetically with some other lines and the car is looking forward heavy. It has already from the beginning an aggressive look in the front so personally, I had decided to strengthen these further instead of changing the design language entirely. But that’s what I think! It’s your car and how you choose to do, I am convinced that you and Leif will get an awesome performance!

    • JON

      Dem är på gränsen… ;-) Kommer behövas mycket jobb med form innan dem är rätt men jag älskar DTM bilar så på ngt vis ska jag få till det!, de som sitter på nu var snabbt påtappade för att få en känsla, men mindre ska dem bli! Läppen fram kommer få mycket mer former och inte vara så platt, bara ett första utlåning från en platta! Så mycket jobb kvar, men känns som vi har en bra plan nu! ;-)


      • Magnus

        Ja, att det inte är det slutliga utseendet är jag klar över och ser man på vad Leif skapat tidigare så är jag övertygad om att ni kommer att hitta rätt i slutänden. Med tanke på att du tar hjälp av Sveriges kanske skickligaste bilbyggare så kommer det att bli grymt när bilen är klar! Jag följer bygget med stort intresse! :)

  • C-H

    Tjena Jon!
    Har du tonat dina rutor efter eller är det original? Hur mörkt är det på framrutorna?

    • JON

      Tonade, 15% tror jag att det är, ganska mörk…


      • Stefan

        Grymt bygge, dock måste jag göra dig lite besviken ifall du tänkt köra den på allmänna gator. Du får inte tona rutorna fram tyvärr, blir nedslag hos bilprovningen eller vid en flygande besiktning. Har med trafiksäkerhet att göra. Litet tips bara

        • JON

          Det som är det fina med Monaco, är ok där så det gör det hela lite lättre… ;-)


          • Carl-Hampus

            Tja igen!
            Jag får min A6 allroad 313 HK i helgen

          • Carl-Hampus

            Tja igen!
            Jag får min A6 allroad 313 HK i helgen och kommer förmodligen göra 15 eller 25% där fram och 5% från B-stolpen och bakåt. Men man kan väl inte få mer än böter av polisen? Och besiktningen är väl först om 2 eller 3 år? Min kommer bli all black

          • JON

            De kan tvinga dig att ta av det på plats, eller ge dig en ombesiktning, så det är lite meckigt…


  • erik

    haha drömde att jag träffade dig och du hade precis varit där, dock så vägrade du visa några bilder från det hur mycket jag än tjatade. sjuk timing

  • Andrew

    Not loving those front diffusers at all.

    • Levine


  • This will be an insane buid Jon….but I guess this time you WILL have the AC built in -hahaha- so no more sauna on next years Gumball :)
    I must disagree wuth you I kinda see how this car will shape out in the end and yes you will have the attention of thousands of fans and car phreaks from around the world. Will be a wicked build. I kinda like your think out of the box ideas.

    When finished I guess you’ll upload a few ride videos with the car, loved the on you did in Monaco with the “old” RS6 -that exhaust man…..stylish

    Btw just received the Douchbags stickies /Big thanx for that/

    • Willy

      Couldn’t agree more on the RS6, looks insane!

      You did receive your stickers? Still nothing for me and no reply to my mails :(

      • @ Willy

        Just got them in the mail yesterday I’m in hungary, Europe. Don’t worry it’ll arrive.
        Good things come in small packages :)

    • JON

      It will have its AC left in! ;-) Of course we will bang out a bunch of videos! ;-)


  • Alex

    Have to say, was a little skeptical at first thinking that compared to past Lambos, and the Rebellion, this RS6 would be comparatively a bit boring… How WRONG I was, this thing is looking awesome! I think this could end up being one of the best widebody builds outside of Liberty Walk…. Looking forward to updates on this insane beast!