• lisa

    vad heter låten ången som spelas i nästan hela videon? :-)

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  • grambo

    Awesome event, loved the LED lightboards on jump and race jumps. Really cool to see elite level racers beside world class jumpers.

    Nice sw dub 12 as well!

  • Hugh

    Would be great to see some more footage of the racers, especially as them hitting the jump needs to be seen.

    Great event as always Jon, looking forward to next year.

  • Man now I’m even more pissed I couldn’t get over to Sweden this year for JOI! Congrats on a sick comp once again Jon!

    Mark B

  • the Global greek god of Nature

    hopefully all the racers had a great time too and you took care of them 100 percent

    next year two or three jumps in the middle of gates for racers and a bigger freestyle jump or big air jump

  • John

    Two things:

    1) I too would like to see some of the racers hitting the kicker

    2) I need that song playing in the club – Star Wars remix of sorts! Help me out?

    Also, to Jon, this is a sick event that everybody looks forward to every year. Keep it up!

  • Max

    So nice!

  • Qarl

    Du kan ej “sätta generositeten till en ny nivå” genom att göra något som redan är gjort.

    Jon. Väx upp.

  • Matt

    Any footage of ted and warner hitting the jump?

  • Philip

    Jon – You are a true inspiration and an innovator within both ski-racing and freestyle skiing.
    In my eyes a lot of people can learn from the way you do ‘business’, I know I have.

    Keep it up.

    Kind regards,