Good morning!

As many already guessed it was a trip to the only true dream factory in Sweden I had planned!- Koenigsegg!

Koenigsegg has always been my ultimate dream car but due to its slightly hight price tag I have been trying to push that thought away to avoid a financially terrible move. Then a series of events lead to me getting the chance to come and check out the factory , and I guess it would be extremely stupid to stand up an opportunity to get a private tour of the coolest road car factory in the world!

Christian Von Koenigsegg was super kind and invited me in on Sunday to give me the full tour of the factory. I have to say that I was impressed before the visit, but after seeing all details and solutions the Swedish car brand rose to a new level in my world, straight up insanely impressive what they have created! Every single little detail was so thought through and perfected that I found myself admiring the smallest little weird details! There must have been at least 10-12 cars in the factory. About 5 Ageras, a few CCXs, a CCXRs and some CCRs. Some going out to customers and some just in for service.

The best part wa however when Christian offered me to try one out on the road! I have to say that I was pretty nervous when I rolled out through the gates with a 1 million dollar hypercar equipped with a right hand drive configuration! ;-) 

It really is all its set out to be, made my Lp670 feel like slow bus! ;-) Wow!!! Hyper car defined!

So I guess the question is, why a visit now? Well I guess with the Aventador being late I just could not help myself. I have always been good at "living in the now" and I know that even if this would mean  a life time on the nudle diet,  I think it could be worth it… ;-) ;-) ;-)

Time for me to bang out some meetings, I better perform if I want to make this dream a reality! ;-)

Off to MC tomorrow, cant wait to wake up in my own bed, its been way to long!