• Houston AutoGlassPro
  • george

    just read every page of your blog haha, great stuff!

  • some people said myspace is dead but it clearly is NOT

  • Eric

    Jon i Have to say the jump looks siiicckkk and the new website is insane. Cant wait to see those video edits.
    p.s.(Josh and his bro are awesome)

  • jack

    when do you come to sweden next?

  • Giuse

    Hi…I've some nice photo of the kicker taken from the lift Pancani. Can I send you?
    New website looks very good

  • Tue Dk

    The new design for the webpage sure is looking good. Are all your blog post gonna be directly o this site from now on??
    //  Tue

    • JON

      Thanks, yes it will all be here in my blog and videoblog.