New clothing sponsor!


Lot of new things going on right now! ;-) With my Freestyle comeback I will now live a totally new life and be able to wear what I want at al times, gone are the days when I am tied down to National team outfits and speed suits!  So its with great pleasure that I announce that I will from now on rock Odlo outerwear. I have previously worked with Odlo on under layer and training clothes so I have seen that they are a great company who is really ready to make a push on the outerwear side as well. So for the past few month we have worked on a collection that will hit the stores next winter. The stuff on the pics below will be out in stores this winter so as you can see they had a great base to start from when we sat down with the designers! I always strive to find a look that works just as well in the pists as the parks and power and I really think with this set up we have fund a great combination that I feel great in no matter what I do! (Well maybe not during the shoot on the pics below as it was 28 degrees out! haha ;-) )

As I have been stuck in speed suits over the past few years I have been tied up with what I use under the ski clothes, but with Odlo working with a ton with layers I have now a perfect set up for the winter. Love the neutral colors on the outerwear and using the layers to bring out some color!

Hope you like the stuff, I am super stoked for this winter and I can't wait to get out there and use all this stuff! Skiing is now 22 days away! 


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  • Andrew

    Great news for you, ODLO need to up their game though.

    The problem with ODLO is:

    a) They don’t have an English store (coming soon for 6 months)

    b) They don’t reply to email (even when mentioning your name)

    c) it’s difficult to get in a lot of countries.

  • Ignacio

    An what hapens with colmar? An what about yniq??

  • P-A

    Jon! I love the fact that u will return to the freeskiing scene. As a former ski-racer (decades ago) I have also loved to follow your blog over those skiracing years. Just saw that a female veteran, Sarah Schleper is returning to racing, at age 36 after some years of retirement. I admire and look up to to non-mainstreampeople that just go their own way and do what they love, as you do now returning to freeskiing. But admit that you left skiracing whit this annoying little question somewhere in the back of your head: How much better skiracer could I’ve become? ;) In 3-4 years you are still young. Please make a Sarah Schleper then. I know you have more to give in the gates! :)

  • Max Enholm

    Looks good ! btw is there any place where it is possible to buy your last year’s colmar collection ??

  • Maximillion

    Do you keep all other Sponsors? What did your big ones like Red Bull and Head say as they heard your plan?

    • Johann

      Why would red bull care? As long as he d

    • Johann

      Why would red bull care? As long as he doesnt sign with monster oder rockstar hes fine, i guess.
      same thing for head, as long as their not in the same business

      • Maximillion

        I mean the Plan to go back to freeskiing… ;-)

  • Johann

    meeh, looks like every other outerwear.
    I hope you can make a decent freestyle collection with them.

    The colmar stuff was great!

    • reqq

      I concur! Need more flair and colors.

    • Yep it looks boring.
      Black and white is for old people.