Nissan GT-R “Olsson winter edition”


The Nissan GT-R "Olsson winter edition"  a perfect touring car (with almost enough space for all the ski equipment) for the winter months between races, with the sound of a jet fighter! This is verision nr 1, so i think you can expect some more things to happen to this little thing later in the year… ;-)

Pics by Oskar Bakke

More on this little thing in the next Webisode! Hope you guys like it!

Good night!


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  • b

    Sir …. PLEEEeeease tell us how you put this on … or who did it so I can contact them.
    I want to do it to mine. I cant take my car skiing yet.

    Many thanks

  • Mikhail

    Hi Jon, thats an awesome car. I ve been trying to fit a roofbox to mine for a year now. Could you let me know please who fitted it for you? Thanks and goodluck with training

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  • The Lambo were real fat with the skirack!
    This one is better to cook rice… ;)

  • jörgen

    so ugly with the ski rack on it! so mutch cooler without it. kind of destroys the car

    • Ieva

      But you have to put skies somewhere,huh? ;D

  • D

    Woahh! Now I know what car I’m gonna get!!!

  • looking cool

  • :: h ::

    What a bunch of crap comments below!

    Today Jon will start in his first World Cup race i Val d’Isere and you guys are whining about a car that you would probably salivate over if you saw it in real life.

    A freeskier in a World Cup race – that’s something to be quite amazed of, if not very amazed.

    Double thumbs up and every ounce of support to you Jon! Just go out there and be… Jon. And after you’ve made it into the 2nd run, you can always concentrate on beating Warner!


    :: h ::

  • Lbc

    Is that true !?!

    Jon I hope that Frank and JJ are wrong.

    It dose seems bizarre !?!

    What the hell is going on.

    Nissan instead of a Lambo ????
    Noooo way ??

    Hope youll give us answers to this

  • Frank

    The GTR is Nice, buth the Lambo was so much more sssicckk!!
    Weird choice….

    Abouth JJ’s comment I Heard those comments to….

    I was at the IF3 ski premier this year and the riders were saying that you were broke. They said that you had a problem with spending too much money on cars ?? They said that no one whants to go to JOV anymore because the Judging was to wack the last couple of years.
    Could you clarifie this for us please.

    Thank you,

    Thank you.

  • Awesome car!

  • Hey this car is sick and I will say I am so envious, you work hard in life and you get toys like this… seem to have worked your way into money and not merely got it given to you, good man…….

    Although I would like to know, is the lambo going for a good price, 10.000 euro maybe ha ha

  • Ett stort jäkla lycka till imorgon.
    Start nr. 53. Kör All-in!

  • J-J

    Can We know what is going on. ?
    First of all There us no more JOV
    Second you change thé lambo for a GTR

    Alot of riders are saying that you have Somers money issues.

    I hope they are wrong.

    Buth it seems that there is something going on

  • Hans

    Jamen Jon, sa vi inte panamera Turbo..”suck” Byt genast tillbaka, ta förnuftet tillfånga ;)

  • Fredrik


    Nu är typ alla proffs i colorado och nöter feta hopp och rails inför dew tour osv, medans du kämpar mellan portar i världscupen lixom. Känns som du sakta men säkert glider ifrån din hoppkarriär :( Absolut kan du dubbla men det känns lite som om du gett upp nu. Du får inte göra det! Du är fortfarande med i den absoluta hoppeliten och har chans i alla stora tävlingar. Sluta inte upp med hoppningen vad du än gör!

  • Sebbe

    looks really awesome

  • holla

    tomtebil!! riskoker straight outta Tokyo.

    – Sushi
    – rice
    – Nissan

    its the same crap

    • Colin

      Reference to rice and the nissan GTR in the same post is simple ignorance

  • mr cool

    why nissan? japse mustang!

  • JobReinbergen

    Realy cool design, need to hear the noise!!!


  • Gabriel

    someone already asked about it but I’m wondering too: are you not gonna compete in winter x big air this season?

  • Str

    Fyfan vad du fick till det. Fet kärra!

  • simena

    drit fett! ultimate fartsmonster med god plass!

  • David

    looking cool ! very classy with the black and gold. enjoy !

  • Freddy

    nice! :D

  • th

    still a nissan!

  • Mat

    LOVE IT!

    The Lambo is a poof’s car. This is a real man’s car.

    Fucking AAAAA

  • jim

    madness!, probably the worst change of car in history.looks like a Japanese drug dealer’s car. the Lambo was streets ahead of this.

  • Gio

    smoke the tail lights!!!

  • Colin

    Looks sick! I agree with some of the comments that the ski box is too far forward. Is that the only way to mount it? Moving it back even a bit would make it look better. Minus that, perfect. Cant wait to see the vids.

  • john

    Hey, saw the names for big air in x games this year , are you not competing this year or what?

  • Dan

    Awesome… I’m so jealous! Beautiful photography as well.

  • Brendan

    Your monster trucking Jon. Flush that beast. Better toe snow looking dope, than to get stuck in the snow looking like that. Otherwise nice as hell. Though I doubt hell is very nice.

  • Camembert

    Hmm when is Lambo comming with their 4×4/suv thing?

    But since you have this car now..get a big badass rear spoiler and get the ski box between the roof and spoiler like the lambo had..

    Oh and why dont you have all your sponsors on the car?

  • Tom

    Lower it!!!!!!!!! Awesome none the less!

  • Not sure about your URL being over the logo. I would have had it over the door with the ‘m’ finishing above the start or end – the lower part – of the J. Or maybe smaller and higher so it is on the same baseline as the Yniq at the front.

    Nice looking car though.

  • Kyle

    Nothing like the lambo. !!
    Cant believe you did that moove.
    Come on Jon do you really like it more than thé lambo.

    • The sun stars rain snow mountains alps oceans seas

      I’m with you Kyle

      my recommendation was getting the man endorsed by a helicopter company and flying by birdie from destination to destination within Europe or a 4 wheel driver convertible lambo or ferrari

      better yet have u guys checked out the ferrari plane that goes about 300 mph

      the cost to get someone to fly u everywhere is 25 bucks an hr and u have to pay for there lodging but my guess is if Jons agent steps up and elevates he can get endorsed like Roger Federer by a jet company

      anyway Best wishes in the world cup GS in the dolemites let um rip Jon!!

  • beeeeeest winter car everrr!!!!!!!!! OH YESSS!!

  • Sven

    Looks very cool – except for the roofbox. In my opinion it’s to far in front. Like it better on the lambo. Otherwise really sick!

  • Nicklas Degerfält

    ooh. the perfect car! love the JON loggo. can i buy a big goldish jon signature tag and put it on my wall? ;)

    Next time id like to see you with a subaru! its also an ultimate wintercar!

  • Adam


  • Marco

    Skulle också tycka att inlägg med dina nya JL kläder skulle vara super!

  • Doughboy

    XLNT choice!!!
    Lambo schmambo! :D

  • Jon, too bad your schedule didn´t have room for a visit to the workshop. I have my fingers crossed that you qualify for the second round this weekend and if you do, I expect a call. :) (Yes, Tokan told me what you said to him!) :)

  • Henrik

    The Nissan turned out so sick! Really nice work on the graphics.

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  • Jb

    When you said that you where going to look after a new car my first thought was, Are you crazy?? i didnt think that any car could replace the lambo but now after these few pics i am in love!! so freaking cool and super sexy. I gotta handle it to you jon, You know how to ride with style;)

  • Han

    Hope the skibox doesnt fly off while charging the roads…!! seems like it would be ski racing with a baseball cap!!

  • andrewmustard

    you are an absolute beauty

  • Kalle

    Grym bil! men skulle vi inte kunna få se lite av dina nya kläder från JL?

  • Philip

    Great looking car, you’ve got a great tasste Jon and thumbs up for Bakke and the winter shots! Looks like the car is made for slippery mountain roads in the alps ;)

  • TJ


  • Alex

    Looks super nice )

  • asbjørn

    looks good!! really likes the exhaust! looks awesome with those!! looks like the packline steals some air though! looked more aerodynamic on the lambo, but looks more at home on the gtr! stand by my previous statement, best winter car ever!!:D

  • Emilien

    Yep Joner!
    This freak looks pretty good!
    Love gold stickers edition.

  • MT

    love it!