• Merdoc Nizmy

    Hi Jon Olsson, Greetings from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I am Nismy from Sri Lanka. I work for a travel company called Walkers Tours/ Nature Odyssey. We want to inspire people in Scandinavia and around the world to visit Sri Lanka. We would like to host you, Jannid Olsson and Benjamin Ortega in Sri Lanka on our account and show you what Sri Lanka has to offer the world. We are mainly focused on Nature Odyssey sector which is mostly into adventure travels and its a part of Walkers Tours. Please find the below attached links for further reference. I have also sent you this request on your instagram account.
    You can contact me on Nismy@walkerstours.com and 0094772960683 whatsapp


  • Stefan Keric
  • Sebastian

    Jon, yesterday via Monaco, Torino, Genova, Aosta, through the Mont Blanc tunnel, with a Kayak on the roof back from Saint Gervais via Annecy to Nice! Want to show you the 180km/h route!