• Flo Cons

    Hi Jon, i followed the vlogs and stuff since a few years and it was really inspiring as I am a skier myself. I liked your somewhat creative, daring and yet risk-minimizing approach to jumping.
    The less skiing and the more blingbling lifestyle happened in the vlogs, the less i liked them.
    And as climate change is more and more part of the mainstream media, i think prominent guys like you should consider living a more eco friendly life. Everybody likes to travel and stuff, but do you really have to fly like several times a month to a different continent? What will future generations think of the lifestyle that you promote? I know most people here follow you for your endless travels and luxury life and stuff, but really, is this the thing you want to rememembered for? If everybody would live a life like yours, the planet would be wrecked in a few years.

  • Jonas Moberg

    Hello! I just watched the new ”undaily” vlog and just love how it went from a 6 to a solid 10! I heard that Benni is looking for a mustang to buy. I happen to have a really rare Mustang. Its a Ford Mustang Roush stage 2 cab from 2007 with 80000km. I dont know what he is seaching for but if this sounds interesting feel free to contact me at:

    My name is Jonas Moberg and i live in Jönköping, Sweden.


  • DIN

    Just like so many others, I have followed you guys for a long time and have seen all your vlogs and some more than once. About a year and a half ago I had to make some very huge changes in my life like packing up and moving from the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains Canada where I skied like a mad man ever since I was three, to water skiing the beautiful lakes in the summer, but somewhere in there I was missing something. So I left everything I had to move to my roots in Denmark and I needed motivation, lots of it! I wanted the sun and European life that my family has, and having lived in spain for a year, “Nerja”. I wanted to feel that again, even though Denmark is not like Spain but it’s a step closer to my dream of owning a place on costa del sol one day. So searching stuff on youtube I stumbled across a vlog of a couple and a lucky camera dude who lived in spain and got to experience all the things I once did and I was hooked, I knew that I had found an indirect answer that it was a good choice for me to pursue my dream. I continued watching you guys once I moved here to Denmark and you guys have been a huge help in making my dream be that much more true in some weird way and I can’t thank you enough for it. There are many other vloggers out there but you guys are about real life and exploring it and that’s so awesome! I can totally feel how it would get tiresome for you guys at some point to make vlogs but if you could only see my side of the screen and how it touches many others, you guys would crave more like all your viewers do. Even if you guys just shot b roll all the time of what you guys are blessed with and wake up to everyday it would be enough. I have been waiting for that message on my phone everyday saying Jon Olsson just uploaded a new vlog since your last, such a nerd I know but hey we all need something to look forward to in life otherwise its just boring. Anyways hope you guys have a great new year and can not wait for the next blockbuster. Thanks again you guys, your awesome ;-)