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  1. Welcome inside my very own special brain that keeps shooting ideas left right and center!
    Below are a bunch of renderings I made (plus original pics) so if any of you are render masters and killers in architectural design you have some stuff to play with!

    I was amazed by the amount of amazing logos that I got so I would love to see if there are similar skills in architectural design among my followers as well! In terms of logos I had to put finalizing that on hold a couple weeks as its been a bit to hectic and I want to make sure I dont stress the process, but dont worry updates on that will follow! The logo on the picture is not final, I just picked one that matched colors of what I was working with so totally random!

    If anyone would send me a render that I fell in love with and want to use for the construction I will pay that person 1000€s and who knows maybe we will find a longer partnership on more stuff of the house (or house in Lombok etc)
    I am always looking for great people to work with. I know that an architect makes much more than 1000€, but I want to see if I can find one that blows me away by doing a crowd sourcing project like this. I think thats for sure the best way to find exceptional talents!

    The challenge!
    The main challenge we have is to find the mix in styles and get it right. The house looks like it does and will stay close to this in its main feel.

    Modern asian: I do love some of the modern asian designs which I think can be mixed with our current style, too much will however not mix well. Our pool shower is a good example of something that I think works with the house but is still more modern with is thin wooden parts.

    Moroccan This is also something we love, but same here, not to much.

    Vintage After making the renders this might be the style I like the most! (like modern concrete with vintage wood)

    I think that you get a feel for the look we like when you know the house from the Vlog, the main fire place is pretty modern in its straight shapes, but with the round raw micro cement it still gives it a nice cosy kind of Moroccan style. which of both borks with the general house shape and style. I think that represents our design taste pretty fell!

    Se details of things in the works that are scheduled to be done in the fall:

    Fence by the road.

    Can be done full concrete to full height
    Can be half concrete half metal (with pattern laser cut)
    Can be half concrete half wood.
    Lights to be added
    Small plants on outside.

    Gate (see sidewalk that it will be wider than currant opening.

    Can be sliding gate (only downside is the look of the inside of the wall, not as clean
    Can have traditional opening like now.
    Can be laser cut metal sheets
    Can be custom wood gate
    Can have a roof above or not. (cool but terrible for building trucks later on in the future)
    Can Have an arch above or not. (cool but has to be right design wise)
    Can be matched to vintage main door of house


    Will make it wider and cut sides walls.
    Will bank it up to even the slope and allow lower cars
    Thinking concrete with grass inlays. Like that looks
    Open to other ideas on finishing as well.
    Spotlight in ground as well as stups to give good light.
    Fence on side of driveway, wood metal etc, Rusted metal sticks is cool.


    Think its cool with the raw concrete look. Could also be white
    Plants in ground is nicer than current lifted plant bed.
    Palm trees in corner could be removed and changed.
    Maroccan Wall fontain Know Janni loves this idea.
    Could have asymentrical wood details. (love it but could be to modern)
    Has to be photo friendly! haha

    Garage gate

    Love wide garage gates so want to open up to one wide one.
    Match look to entry gate.
    Entry door, love the one we have but could maybe be an idea to match that to garage an entry gate?
    Can also match the gates to the main door of house.


    Want to give pillars of the house an updated look.
    If wood wood entry gate, maybe wood on pillars to match style
    Maybe a more Moroccan touch.
    Maybe raw concrete pillars with wood detail on top?

    So that is kind of what I am thinking, thought maybe you liked seeing some of the ideas that run around in my head. and as there are so many options its cool to hear your thoughts!
    I always love creating unique things and we love this house so much that I feel like it will not be sold any time soon so want everything to be 100% epic!

    So I thought that maybe there are some stars out there that has some sick ideas, so thats why I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys and see if we could create something super epic together!
    If you do make some renders, please send them to and mark the subject CC Renders.

    Super fun to work on stuff like this and get your input instead of keeping everything secret! haha Happy rendering!


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