Now my mood is back on top again! ;-)  Visiting PPI was awesome! 

Me and Oskar drove over in the morning from Innsbruck, I  did not really check and thought it was like 250km, turns out its more like 430km and on top of that it snowed so it took us a bit longer then expected. Arrived at around 11 at PPI and was met by a very professional team. Turns out I met the owner during Gumball two years ago so we had a million fun memories to discuss. Then we started looking at some cars for a while and before I knew it we had spend 9 hours looking at 1000 different carbon details. I was impressed by this company before, but after seeing all this stuff I was stunned!  Such amazing attention to detail!

So now I guess the question is, what do I do when I have seen this alternative? I have come to the following conclusions.

  1. I love having the Gallardo as its in a price range where I can drive it every single day.
  2. Jumping back and forth from a Gallardo and the Razor R8 made it clear that Audi had taken advantage of its older brother and fine tuned a lot of things, what struck me the most what how much better the steering wheel, pedals and seat was placed, The R8 made a Gallardo 560 feel old.
  3. As much as I love the Aventador, it would be a car that would be taken out a few times a year.
  4. I would love to find a car one step up from the Gallardo as I would still feel okey driving that every day.
  5. Its been a while since I had a chance to do something to a car that I did not develop myself. Going with PPI would give me what I want without taking time from skiing.
  6. I love re buildning cars! ;-)
  7. Right now I want the Razor and look at its carbon fiber body all day long. (not to mention feeling that 250kg weight saving it would give a R8 V10)
  8. I change my mind every day. ;-)

Have had some discussions with Audi to be a a part of a project like this and there looks like there could be a possibility so now I don´t know what to do… I do know that last time I looked at a car I like this much was at the K Egg factory…

Not getting any smarter from thinking of this! haha

Time for me to get out of Hans apartment and hit the gym! But before I do that I feel like I need to explain two things that has been pointed out in the comments.

  • Why dont I stay with the Swedish team and train? They are all over in Flachau racing SL, so no training to be had there. Finding good slopes in the area is at the moment very hard after the new snow. My plan now is to head down a day early for the Rockfest in Paganellan and see if I can find some hard snow there. Feels good though to have a few days off here in Innsbruck, even if I did suck in Alta, we had a fantastic training block before the race.
  • Why would I tune my own skis? Over the past few years I have had help with ski tuning, but as I dont have a tech its been by different people= different evey time. When i do it myself I have to learn and understand what does what. That is something I think is super key for me in order to understand how I like it. Now I feel that I have the edges under full control and I know what does what. With the machine its easy enough for me to do it without performance loss compared to a real tech. Looking back at Alta I think I might have gone a little to aggressive. Either way I think its key to be able to do things yourself to really understand the details… Plus where would I put the tech when traveliing? In the ski box? ;-)


  • So nice, please show me more cars.

  • As much as I would love to see you drive an Aventador, perhaps the PPI is the more sensible car? But, then again, when was the last time you did something sensible? ;-)

    Sooo… Until Koenigsegg decides to put 4wd on the Agera… I guess you’ll save a lot of money going for the Audi. Take some of that cach and get a Bowler Nemesis to replace the GT-R….. Or get a Q/ Russian Edition with a Twin turbo Diesel V12

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  • but i think your lambo looks so good .. the PPI R8 looks good too yes, hm … for me the lambo is my favriot.. ;-)

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  • The Shot Caller

    it sucks doing it yourself but by doing it as you already know you are no longer reliant on some socialist that quits on you instead if someone quits on you you can do it yourself if need be necessary


    looking at that pic of you in brown pants in audi dealership you definitely look like an athlete
    congrads not that an aerialist isn’t a great athlete

    but racer mogul skier big difference from aerialist usually although bobby brown is in great shape

    before your ucking hair goes grey or falls out get a convertible lambo or ferrari

    the lambo looks more the wow factor versus the audi

    but if you get an endorsement deal like the former world champion freestyle skier that produced something about mary top grossing comedy of all time then of course do it

    money talks bullshit walks

    great to see you are struting again and creating

    Happy Holiday from The Shot Caller
    Still waiting for big dumpage in mountains to depart for some pow pow skiing

  • Camembert

    If you go this way, wich would be pretty dope, you MUST get those orange/yellow headlamps!!!

  • Joni från Åbo
  • Constey

    Hey Jon,
    why didn’t you had over to the Mercedes-AMG Headquarter in Affalterbach ?
    It’s 10 min. away from Waiblingen (PPI), they have some super nice SLS’s also the GT3 or the new C 63AMG Coupe Black Series there.
    They also have couple of Pagani Zonda’s as they built there engines.
    If you asked them they show you the engine factory and the performance center where they built the engines and the interior by hand.


    I think it’s worth taking a look when you are back in this area.

    take care

  • GO FOR THE PPI RAZOR!!! one of the best looking cars out there!

    jag får nöja mig med att ratta runt i v8an… ;)

  • Larsson

    Jon, since u are in a small “saving money” mission u show be aware that Aventador will resale much easier and better then some tuned Audi R8.

    Think twice mate.

    My choice would be Ferrari FF.

  • jeremy

    R8 is crap

    it looks good but its just a crappy sportscar with no quality

    go for a test drive in a gt40 and you’ll be happy

    once you go gt40 you never go back!

    • Driver

      Because of the doors on the GT (I guess you are referring to the Ford GT, the GT40 was discontinued decades ago) it is hard to fit a roofbox… And, I really don’t think the R8 is “crap”…

  • Driver

    The Razor GTR V10 in black/gold looks awesome! But I like the extra lights on the silver one….

    As much as I would love to see you drive an Aventador, perhaps the PPI is the more sensible car? But, then again, when was the last time you did something sensible? ;-)

    Sooo… Until Koenigsegg decides to put 4wd on the Agera… I guess you’ll save a lot of money going for the Audi. Take some of that cach and get a Bowler Nemesis to replace the GT-R….. Or get a Q/ Russian Edition with a Twin turbo Diesel V12

  • Tom

    Fan vad skön du är :)

  • Justus

    Hmm, it’s definitely not an easy decision.. I’m a lambo-guy myself but since you’ve already had two gallardos and two murcis (my favourite), I think it would be superfun to see you try something new:) The aventador would be awesome, ofcourse, but as you mentioned it’s not really made for daily-driving. It’s way to precious for that:)

    The way I see it with the r8 razor you get the performance and handling you’re used to from the lambos with an additional, super-cool design, and daily-drivability (eventhough it’s obviously an expensive car, the aventador is in another range)! I’m also very in to modyfying and think it looks so badass:D who cares if it’s “only” an audi? It’s the same as a lambo in many ways and you’ll always be a lambo-guy no matter what:D

    And just to spice things up even more; the UGR 1000hp kit!! This option is also a possibility if you decide to stay with the gallardo!:) Really love reading your blog and I’m superexcited to see what you decide to do! Also can’t wait to see new pictures of the rebellion!:D Cheers from Malmo, Sweden:)

  • fx

    I don’t think the point is about your having a full-time technician, but then again this evades part of the issue. Sad to say, but your ranking and your status with the Swedish team won’t make that possible (for now!) unless Head goes out of their way. Of course, you could stop the expensive car thing for a while to pay for a tech, but who are we kidding?
    Still, you should be able to take advantage of tech advice and coaching when you are around the Swedish team. Are you making the best of these opportunities? Think about it: You were slow on a turny course on soft snow. Could aggressive tuning have done that (that’s a very plausible cause insofar as you did not feel slow)? Was it something about your race tactics (wrong line – also plausible)? Conditioning? These are all areas where you are muddling around, and where staying as close as possible to a professional environment focused on ski racing would get you ahead.
    Matts Olsson has basically stopped racing SL and is barely doing SG and K (at the WC level). I am not sure how you get along with him, but wherever he goes training and whoever he trains with should get you closer to the environment you need.

  • yeahh looks good ! what you think!? next car in your garage ? ;-)

    cheers ;-)

  • Jon

    Beautiful looking machine…. but I can’t help think the R8 is still just a baby Lambo…

    Anyhows check out my Gumball post