• Eric Vanmalder

    Hi, when do you finally going back to Marbella…………..

  • Merdoc Nizmy

    Hi Jon Olsson. My name is Nismy and I am from Sri Lanka. I work for a well renowned travel company called Walkers Tours in Sri Lanka. We would like to inspire people in Scandinavia and around the world to visit Sri Lanka. Hence we would like to host you, Benjamin Ortega and Jannid Olsson in Sri lanka on our account and show you what Sri Lanka has to offer to the world. Please find the attached web link of our company https://www.walkerstours.com/
    I have sent you this request to your instagram account as well. My email addres is Nismy@walkerstours.com or whatsapp 0094772960683.

  • José Brízida

    Jon I’m trying to reach you… I hope that you can manage to read my comments.
    I’m from Portugal, and I have a Digital Agency, called Mosca Digital ( moscadigital.pt ) we do amazing websites and so on.
    If me and my team can help you with some of your projects please say something.
    And if you want some tips from Portugal or need something in your stay here, I’m glad to help!