Having a blog in the fall when you stay 3 weeks in one place and you train in the morning and have tons of time in the afternoon is pretty nice and easy, but having a blog when you start driving around Europe and have about 30 mins over to rest every day is far from easy! When you then decide to drop your computer and crack your screen it makes it really tough! haha

Anyway here is a little recap of the last few days!

Left Monaco on Friday afternoon, drove straight up to Verbier to meet up with the Betsafe and Gumball crew and after having spent 500km in the RS6 I now know that its the ultimate car! Holy wow this thing is way beyond my expectations! We did a videoblog on all of that so that will be up in a day or two, but for now I hope some Bakke pics will do! Made it up there just in time for the dinner and party where we had a great time! Super fun to hang out with everyone again!
Woke up pretty early and went skiing in Verbier, packed up and drove another 500km to Les Menuires where we raced yesterday.
Was a decent race but it was very tough snow conditions and visibility was zero, so I missed the top 30 by 33/100 of a second so that was a bummer, but there was some very good sections so that is what I will take with me and try to figure out how to have the balls to do the right thing when I cant see anything! Another race today but there is 30 cm of fresh so my first pick would be to shred some pow but right bow I am actually happy if I make it out at all, feel a bit feverish today so I will so how the day goes! Sucks bot feeling 100%

Either way its been a fun few hectic days but I can wait to have a day off tomorrow and try to figure out how to get a new computer down here, not easy with all key boards being french! ;-)


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  • Janis

    How you doing with your iPhone? You are almost all the time on roaming so you have a huge bills or you have SIM card for each country you are at the moment?

    • JON

      Hey, that is correct! I try not to use it, but when I do I order 24 hour 20 meg packages at 5€. Not epic but it works!


  • dibs on the RS6 when you are done with it!!

  • Ant

    Transform or tune this estate car is much more of a challenge than do it with an R8 or a Lamborghini.
    I know that it is amazing and a big surprise to see a supercar in the snow or doing so many kms with boxes on the roof full of luggage and skis.

    But even more (in my opinion) is to have an estate car looking so amazing like yours, it’s like a superwagon, by the looks and by the performance it has.

    I loved the LP640 SV it was shocking to see it in those places of winter and snow.
    And I really love this RS6, I’m equally surprised by the looks.

    Maybe your creating again a new taste or a new market to potential buyers…..
    You’ve done that with a ski box in super cars, now everyone wants it.

    Congratulations, amazing!!
    Please videos and more photos!
    Ps: It must be also a motivation to travel in that RS6 ;)

  • andy

    Congrats!! You finally drove your RS6. Yes, indeed, it’s the ultimate road trip beast! what are the specs after the tune?

  • T-Bone

    Did you photoshop the license plate? One pic with NMG and one NMO;)

  • Didrik

    Loving the blog and the new RS6(looks so sick)! Hope you will post the footage from the kicker session in Tandådalen soon :D

  • marcus

    vart är videobloggen från typ tandådalen då du körde lite kicker, vi har inte glömt att du lovade oss en video på det hahah stoked!

  • Johan

    Här är en videoblogg från Janni medan vi väntar på jons ;)

  • Gumballfan

    The Audis look awesome together!

  • dinge

    Looking forward to the VideoBlog! ;)

  • Henke

    Hoppas man får se en video på bilen inom snar framtid :)

  • Toroto

    I mean for the first time :)

  • Toroto

    I’m waiting for see the video of the RS6 in action.

    Since I saw this car for the best time, I knew that’s a Supercar.

    Buy the computer throught the Internet, the problem is if you do not have a fixed residence for delivery.

    French keyboard never.

  • flo

    sickest car ever! im reading your blog since the beginning, i think more as 6years? but this car is the most impressive!

  • The cars look amazing! :)looking forward to the videoblog ! :)

  • asbjørn

    That RS6 looks mean, in the best possible way:) Have you considered putting a box on it?
    Maybe you can get everything in it at ditch the Q7, maybe sell it to some norwegian..?:)

    • Erik A

      Great looking forward to hear it. I have only heard a short clip on instagram when Bakke drove it to MC.

  • Thomas Prendergast

    What an incredible looking car!! Bloody good show!! Keep up the good work on the skiing front!!