1. When i was a kid I saw the best skiers wearing RB helmets, so of course this was one of the biggest dreams for me. Now I have been wearing the helmet for 12 years and its grown to become a big part of my identity, I feel naked without my RB hat! Over the years RB has enabled me to do things I would never have been able to do by myself, they have supported me both when I have been winning, but they were also the first people to call me every 4 hours after my injury! A true role model company in all ways!
  2. So I am stoked to announce Leo Vegas as my new partner for the next 3 years. From our fist few meetings it seems like they might not be good for me as they seem to be as crazy as I am and love to break new ground, they are not in business to be just another gambling company, they want to become the worlds biggest mobile gambling platform and that the kind of mentality that I love, all in or nothing! So I think this new partnership is going to bring me some unique possibilities to explore my wildest car adventure fantasies! First up the Mongol Rally!
  3. When i grew up ski racing there was one brand that was better than everyone else, but at that point we could not afford them so we had to buy second hand gloves. Now I have my own pro model from them and I am so stoked to be working with such a killer team supplying me with the dream gloves!
  4. I guess this is more of a work relationship than a sponsor deal, but its been great for me to start this company and grow it from the very start! I have learnt so much about business and being humble when I work with such a great team. Working with bags is really amazing as I use them every single day and always find ways to improve them!