Suicide mission?


After 6 months of construction the Rebellion took it's first ride on the streets of Stockholm. The car is far more insane that I could ever imagine and Tokan who has built the car has done a more then incredible job… It sounds like something that should fly to space!

We did however experience a slightly higher water temp then desired and since I’ve already tried to travel across Europe on the back of a tow truck we decided to look into this before leaving Stockholm. ;-) So 30 minutes ago I left Stockholm in the Nissan with a plan to have the Rebellion to join us in a couple of days.

Not what I’ve planed but a GT-R is much better then a tow truck.;-)

I’m going to play it smart this time. But then again it’s not smart to be without sleep for 36h and jump into the car to see on the gps that it is 2109 km to London… God I’m stupid… ;-)

  • Nicolas

    When will there be a new video of the Rebellion?! :)
    Can’t wait to hear that sound again! What a machine!!

  • So when will this be available for purchase?? I was going to be in the market for a nice Ultima GTR next year, but shit this looks sick!!! I want one!!!

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  • basse
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  • Rick87

    what is the guy saying, at the end when he looks pretty pissed??!?! :D:D

    • Peter

      He’s says “Are you in a hurry!!??”

      • Rick87

        cheers! :)

  • Erik


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  • Wow! Vilken otrolig förvandling den genomgått! Lycka till under Gumball!

    “God I’m stupid…”

    Maybe a little but we love you anyway ;)

  • Ronnie


  • J.

    God DAMN!!

  • Jay

    That’s sick!!! awesome car, and with very nice freak sound!!

    but…how many cars do you have Mr.Olsson?

    and what about the black Head/Betsafe crazy car you take to Zurich last september?

    every half a year you have a crazy new car that none of us can’t even dream about it!! how you make that?

    • Fredrik

      This is the car you talk about. Jon has let it be re-built to what it is now.
      The old black car has been transformed to this insane monster! :)

  • Christoffer

    Bara SJUUUUKT!!! Helt über grymt ljud!! Ni kommer slå stort på Gumball fansen!!!

    Likanr btw lite en Koenisegg! Mycket fiint jobb!!!!

    Kepp it up Jon and Tokan!

    mvh Finland

  • JobReinbergen

    WHOA, you just blew my mind! Did Redbull gave you this wing?! It’s ginourmous.


  • Kolla med länstrafik styrelsen hur pass de ser på en eventuell miljöbils kvalificering, vore skönt att slippa trängsel skatten liksom!


    whats that squealing sound?

    • basse

      The turbo :)

  • Jon


    Den blev riktigt jävla fresh, kör hårt!

  • Niklas

    De där kallar jag kääärlek!! Hoppas den går problemfritt hela gumball! Bra jobbat grabbar!

  • Bil-Turken

    “Har du bråttom någonstans?!”

  • Ola


  • When Bode will step into the car Sparks are going to fly everywhere. I hope it has a thick enough botttomplate.

    But hey, it looks awesome,
    peace out,

  • That care makes me forget about skiing….

  • mette-m.

    there’s a plan that you and Bode both sit in this tiny thing ? LMAO

  • Brian

    Cool car, but what an idiot is working there, thinks he own the street or what?

    • basse

      But how would you react you were going left and someone drive past you on the left side going right! :) Wait for your turn! I would also react like that and ask what he/she was doing.

      • The Sorrow

        Sorry but when you look at the video, it looks like the ultima is going right too (just look at the position it is in).He turns the wheels to the left nearly at the very same moment the car behind overtake him…The other car may have been a little too hasty but it didn’t do anything bad.

        • JJ

          Usch vilken oproffesionell person som du jobbar med. Håller med tidigare skribenter. Hota andra människor känns inge vidare, han säger faktiskt “Har du bråttom eller din lilla hora”. Skulle också kört om dig om bilen före är personer som är ute och leker på vägarna och man själv faktiskt måste komma iväg någonstans…

          Aja, underbar bil, se till att köra den ordentligt på bana också :)

  • Mange


  • Martin

    LoL – nice!

    But how on earth do you plan to pass road-bumps in this thing… -or even just slightly uneven roads…

    Good luck!!!

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  • Chris

    Let’s hope the Rebellion will make it in time, the R1k will be an eyemagnet in London! Good luck Joner!

    • Björn

      I hope so to!