Back in training mode again! Got the orders from Oscar to take it easy yesterday and rest up after 10 days of high altitude skiing, but today I was ordered to get back on it again!  And I feel like I did what I was suposed to do, totally kill myself! ;-)

  • 10 min warm up jog
  • Moment/stretch excersises
  • 20 sec plank (mountain climbers), 10 secs rest X8 times
  • 20 sec burpies, 10 secs rest X8 times
  • 20 sec plank with legs coming up under me, 10 secs rest X8 times
  • 20 sec lounges (diagonal backwards), 10 secs rest X8 times
  • 20 sec push ups, 10 secs rest X8 times
  • 20 sec side plank, 10 secs rest X8 times
  • 20 sec jumping squats, 10 secs rest X8 times
  • (with 10 sec rest in between each exercise)

That might not seem like much but with the short rest and the heat down here it was enough to make me feel like I was going to throw up for the last two hours! 

Off to the Open Air Cinema with Mattias Hargin and his GF Matilda, very happy to sit still for the next two hours! haha


  • Sven

    you gotta pack on some muscle, man! Skiing season is just around the corner and you look more like a runner, than a skier. Mass & slope = acceleration in skiing!
    As you’re obviously into crossfit (which is cool) you should most definetly concentrate more on the heavy lifting of crossfit exercises. OLY lifting would also fit into because of its speed strength.
    And you gotta eat, my friend. More fat & protein. Proteins and carbs after workout not that shi..y Red Bull stuff.