I know a lot of you guys have been asking about the Huracan and how the build is going, and today is finally the day when I got to take delivery of it! My goal for this car was initially just a crazy widebody car but after driving it when I got it, I changed focus and decided to go for crazy performance instead of just looks as I was blown away by the way the car drove and did not want to mess to much with new suspension geometry as a wide body build would require. So this time around, its all built to drive 100%!









The base of this car is a 2016 Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4, but its now a WAY faster version of what I picked up at the Lambo dealer! My first request to Stertman Motorsport was the fastest possible car that would be 100% reliable. So they started of with a VF engineering supercharger kit that Stertman motorsport has been modifying for the last few months. They used the VF kit as base and then spent hundreds of hours installing and tweaking it to make it a more extreme version of the standard option. The standard VF cars has 800+ HP and this is quite a bit more extreme so the car is just wild! In early testing of the car it recorded 100-200km/h times in the 5.3 sec region and a lot has been tweaked since then, so if you compare that to the Bugatti Veyrons 5.0 sec times you realise how crazy fast our new winter transporter is!

So the biggest thanks to Stertman Motorsport for always going above and beyond to supply me with the fastest possible cars that are reliable enough for me to use 24/7 on all our trips around the world! If you ever want to tune a car make sure to contact Stertman, they are one of the few companies I have come across in all aspects of life that ALWAYS delivers and kills it! (In no way am I payed to say this, I just want to help car people find their way to great tuner companies as they are hard to come by and I have had a lot of bad experiences in the past myself)

Second on my wish list was the best sound possible, so Akrapovich was an easy choice after comparting all the different options out there, its simply the best in every way possible. I personally think this car has the craziest/best sound I have ever had on any of my cars!

On top of the Supercharger engine mods we have Eventuri carbon fiber air intakes, adds to the power as well as the sound. And you know me, I am just obsessed with carbonfiber, so I am happy that we have companies like Eventuri that goes to extra mile to produce pieces of art like this! New engine cover coming in a few days so we can expose more of this amazingness!

Suspension wise we have a kit from K&W, I just love the look of a slammed Lambo but I wanted to make sure that I kept the performance and handling this car come with stock. Now after having driven it it feels like a way tighter lower version of the standard Huracan, so just the way I wanted it! I know its a bit lower than your ideal winter transporter, but who ever said epic was always practical? ;-)

Brake wise I know the stock ceramic breaks are great, but when you drive cars like this all winter long and you have a lot of gravel on the road and cold temperature steel discs are just a way better option. So we went with Girodiscs as they are the best you can find on the market. If you have a lot of power you need the same standard on the breaks and now I know we have it!

Most people think I am crazy that put ski boxes on Lambos, but since I am going to use this and drive around in the alpes all winter I need space for my skis! So over the past year I have worked with 56Nord to create a box that is just as cool as the modern cars and I just love the look of it. This is an updated prototype version of the box that was on the RS6 DTM, the final version of this box will go on sale in December, so if you are in need of an epic box, make sure to hit them up asap before they sell out. Available first in carbon with plastic versions coming later. So happy to finally have a box that is as cool as the cars they sit on!

Mega thanks to Önder at Select cars for helping me with the mounting solution of the box super last minute (like yesterday) and then transporting the car down to Zurich. You are the man and I love that nothing is ever a problem when I shoot you an e mail!

Last but not least, we have Wrapzone and Andreas! I dont know how many camo cars they have done for me and the turn around time for Andreas to make this project happen was just isane, just 3 days ago I was on my computer in the Maldives working out the design of the car and here it is ready to go! So thank you Andreas for always putting up with my last minute scheduling and making this happen!

So generally a huge thanks to all the companies and people involved with this build, I could never have done it without the passion and dedication from you guys!

So now its time to put this thing to the test and drive it every day in Monaco and to ski resorts around Europe all winter long! I cant wait!


  • Ahmet
  • pnxpnx

    Hi, I totally wanna buy the Huracan but do You accept state of the art capital shares? I will even offer to buy it at $350K if You accept shares. I acquired it at $10 per share and now it is at $47 so it’s a good deal for me. I think it is a good option if You don’t need the cash at this point because it has a good potential to grow. If You are interested please reply. I think Your Huracan is the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen! DM me @pnxpnx:disqus on instagram, I will be ready fly directly to Nice

  • Valery Ozols

    Jon, PLEASE CONTACT ME I have 100% better solution for the foam between skibox and car roof! My idea also can be made from carbonfiber as you love

    • Tuur Buedts

      Can you explaine it here on the blog, I would like to know how you would do it :)

  • Sick car! And awesome vlog!

  • cJ

    WOW!!! Just when i think it can’t get any better than your previous cars…. you go and present this bad a$$ machine! LOOOVE IT!

  • Javoine

    Great car Jon! The tire lettering, was it done in Stockholm? If so, what company helped you with it? Cheers!

  • Bjorn

    So you will use this car for the mongolian rally?? Nice!!

  • WES

    Awesome car! I did not see the Red Bull logo. Are they still one of your sponsors?

  • Hallvardr

    Looks awesome, would be cool to se more about the solution for fitting the skibox

  • Will you film another ‘Car Sound Video’? Somehow the Audio sucked (on my computer) in todays vlog :/

    Lisa | https://JoyDellaVita.com

  • Robin

    Insane car!

    But how do you keep the SkiBox on it? Are those just straps at the front of the box? :D

    • Arne Tveter

      I was thinking the same thing haha! The rear is mounted with a nice bracket but the front is just some foam with a ratchet strap.

  • Danito

    Sweeeeeeeeet. Love it. Amazing.

  • SonaMahlin


  • Josh Whitford

    so awesome to see and hear the final product, that machine is an absolute beast!!

  • HH

    Finally an amazing crazy lambo in this blog again!

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    We have been waiting for this a looooooong time. Epic as always Jon. Is it around 1.000hp? Hope you enjoy it a lot!!!

    Also check your dm in instagram. I sent you some pictures of my camo room I think you will like.


  • mike

    AMAZING!!! It looks and sounds amazing!
    I first saw a skibox on a Lambo in MC..i wondered who was the crazy person to do that. It seemed wrong at the time but now….i wonder how can someone have a Lambo and not have a skibox on top of it!
    goodbye in italian is arrivederci.