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///EDIT #2///



Hey everyone!!

We are super EXCITED to share you this NEW job opportunity with US!


– You will be sent all footage from the week.

– You can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a good internet connection.

– Your main job is to edit the rough-cut of the Vlog so its 90-95% done so Benni can spend more time on crazy technical edits.

– You will then send the edit (in 4k) to Benni so he can add his magic and fine-tune it.

– You would have to be available every week wed-sat to be able to edit the vlogs. Exceptions can of course be made if we know in advance!

– It would be best if you work in Premiere Pro but other programs work as well.

– Big plus if you have skills in grading, but not a deal breaker.

– For most if the time you will be able to work from home but on some projects it would be great if you are able to join us. In the start up phase it would be great to meet you so we can get into the workflow together.

(As a test period of 3 months this will be an intern position without payment but if all works well our goal is to find an editor on a long term paid bases.)

Of course the Vlog is always a “work in progress” so things might be tweaked along the way, but we do know for sure that we need more editing power/time on our team!


– First of all, email us (at teamoverkilleditor@gmail.com by Thursday noon CET) the video YOU made that you are the most proud of. It doesn’t have to be full of effects and crazy stuff, we are mostly going to judge the story and the nice flow of the video. We will get back to you ASAP.

– If you don’t get a reply by Friday noon CET, it means we thought your video style wasn’t maybe fitting for this opportunity…

– For the others, you will get an email reply with a private link to download all the raw files for this week’s vlog (we will start uploading as soon as we film something with the last uploaded file being made 8pm CET on Saturday). We usually try to film 90% by the end of Friday so not much new on Saturday).

– Your version of the Vlog would then have to be online on Sunday at 6pm CET on your YouTube channel in 4K with this title: TEAM OVERKILLS NEW EDITOR! So lots of minutes to watch for all of you guys!

– We will pick the best one by Monday at 6pm CET and publish it on our channel then!

(Make sure to add your e mail in the description so we can contact you.)

So keeping your fingers crossed that we find OUR NEW team member!


  • The Shot Caller

    Not paying someone for 3 months
    When you have house in Spain and spend more time in Spain than in Monacco apartment.

    You have Apartment in Monaco so that you don’t have to pay the socialist tax in Spain which is smart (because Socialism doesn’t work never has never will)

    But pay these people after one month TOPS

  • CM

    Unpaid 3 months intern doing “90-95%” of the job. Regarding what you guys are making just out of YouTube this is absolutely disgusting imo.


    why has nobody uploaded there version of the vlog today?

  • Mike

    The madness in the comments here is crazy. This is exactly how Jon&Benni can filter who’s not suitable for the job since you are after his money, and not after the opportunity of working with amazing people like they are. Both of them are working harder as most of us have our entire lifes, and are not successful for no reason. Look at the bigger picture. To Jon&Benni, best of luck of finding a truely suitable person to help you keep your videos amazing.
    Cheers, Mike

    • Wallace

      You are dellusional. “Both of them are working harder as most of us have done our entire lifes..”. Are you mental? Are you retarded? Jon Olsson doesn’t work. He lounges around editing videos on YT. If that is harder than you have worked your “entire life” you are a lazy assed twat. Their life isn’t reality. Its millionaires playing with YT. Why is someone “after their money” because people expect to be paid for working for them? That is typical millionaire’s horseshit. Being paid for services rendered is what capitalism is based on and is how most people live their lives. As always, rich fucktards (like you, I’m guessing) think that the rest of the world owes Jon Olsson some favours because he’s cool and hip. Newsflash, noone gives a fuck. People work, you pay them. Thats how most of the world operates. Get real, knobhead.

      • heeee

        Could you let us know how did they become so rich? And why other skiiers didn’t? And why are you crying about it below every comment?

        • disqus_scgerku7jY

          heeee I totally agree with you , the knobhead in this thread is Wallace who thinks money comes without working for it !!!

          • Wallace

            “Working harder than most of us our entire lives” is what I said was retarded about the above comment you fucktard. No-one is saying that Olsson wasn’t successful, just not hard-working. There’s a big fucking difference you moron.

        • Wallace

          Rich parents allowed him to ski for a living and Olsson was good at it for a while. Successful? Yes. Hard-working? Nope…eeeehhh….That’s neither a job or “working harder as most of us our entire lives…” Next question?…get your facts straight clown. Now he’s paying it all back by NOT rewarding people that are willing to work for him??? (wtf?). How is that cool? FYI: Olsson only has moderate success now today in his brand power because of popularity from his fans that basically made him rich because popularity isn’t success but it def helps bring in money in endorsements, sales etc…You’d think if he could spend $5000 on 1 palm tree he could at least afford to cough up some money for an editor to help Benni. Not paying anything is fucked up. If you can’t see that, you aren’t any better than Olsson.

          • The Shot Caller

            Parents were far from Rich but they both skied . I’ve been following him the parents were middle class if even

  • Sanjay Haverkort

    I think you can be a little BIG be grateful! 3 months are not that bad. You should be thankful. If you just do your best you will just eventually get what you deserve. To bad for me that I don’t have that experience for it. I’m following John for over 4 years. Great fan of you John. Wish you the best.

    PS : I’m so jealous..

  • Gašper Petrič

    Hi, do anyone know is this meaning that we need to film (record and edit) our own vlog of us or we need to make a vlog from the footage which was sent to us via dropbox link? Thanks for answer.

  • #AnonSean

    Multimillionaire scamming the community for free work. Get fucked and delete your account.

  • Daniel

    “As a test period of 3 months this will be an intern position without payment but if all works well our goal is to find an editor on a long term paid bases.”

    This is not legal. For a position to qualify as an unpaid internship it must meet certain criteria that this certainly does not.

  • ca m

    WTH 3 months unpaid? Imagine Youtube stop paying you and Benni for 3 months, you would not be happy even though you can buy a Lamborghini anytime you want. Please value people’s work and remember that not everyone is as rich as you. People need to pay for their “good internet connection” in order to download your 4k footage.

  • Léo Petit

    I’m just a bit disappointed about the really short window, considering that it forces any applicant to have nothing important already planed this week end, you might miss some great editors.
    Not that i’m part of the “great” editors, but i could have given a try if i was available this week-end.

  • Tully

    To start off, I love your channel and your content and have been watching for years. But never the less a 3 month non paid internship!?!?! That’s just outrageous, can you imagine working your heart out for three months trying to do your best you can only to be turned down and receive absolutely nothing for it. Yes the opportunity is there but 3 months is just to long. It’s an easy to fix just pay people for the work they do or maybe a 1-2 week internship and a two and a half month paid trial period.

  • bart4u

    Good opportunity for someone but I think if you are going to have someone work for you for 3 months you have to pay them. This is not the type of intern job someone gets college credit for. This would be a real job. You can pay someone at least min wage for the 3 month trial period but not to pay someone is wrong. I never have hired an assistant and not paid them. I just feel that is not right. I am guessing this person will be in their 20’s and young and will need money to pay their bills. Internet connections, computers and Adobe subscriptions cost money too. Please be fair to your workers and please consider a women editor too.

  • heeee

    To everyone complaining about money…
    This is a lifetime opportunity for someone. Working 3 months for these guys is a dream I guess for quite a few people and many applicants would even pay for this experience. These guys work and worked their ass of for many years and gained so much experience. Even with Marcus the vlogs were extremely overkill but Benny took it to another level. Seeing how they work, learning storytelling, editing, project management, and working under extreme (time) pressure will worth more then taking expensive school/course you can take.
    If paying 1000 euros a month would make a difference for you I strongly believe you have the bad mindset

    • RA

      Absolute tosh mate. It’s garbage “internships” like this that make the profession unsustainable for so many…surely you must see this? Very similar to the “design me a logo and we’ll pick a winner” rubbish. Just pay for work done! Or are we to believe all the cars, houses, trips these guys go on are just some kind of illusion? Give me a break mate!

      • heeee

        I can only talk from experience. I worked for less than my travel cost to work at a company as an intern. I had the opportunity to see and work with nearly all of the “top managers” at the company, since I got a job which was to somehow help to coordinate their co-working.
        So now I have a small company in the same industry, we work together with that company too but one of our main competitive advantage is that 1, I know the industry well, know the larger competitors, their pricing, their strongnesses and weaknesses, who likes who, which company has monopoly in submarkets etc. 2, I have knowladge of some of the technology stuff of the industry and where to find stuff outside of my country when we need things to be done in short deadlines. So is it worth to work 3 months free? Yes without family support etc. you can’t do it as easy as I did, but it turned out pretty well.
        As Jons example look at the guys who worked with him. Marcus, Benni, and Oskar, they all started as interns. Benni works from parents house, Marcus was living with them without payroll… So if you have don’t have that mindset it’s OK, you can probably be succesfull that way also, but let’s face it: the value these guys bring on the table is pretty extreme and if it works out probably you will have a pretty good return (just look at the previous examples… Benni, Marcus and Oskar. I think all 3 are happier and richer than us)

        • Wallace

          Dude, if you are from a wealthy family and young with no responsibilities, fine that Daddy finances your lifestyle that allows you to do fuck all for 3 months. The reality is that good editing skills take time and money to complete. Internet connections aren’t free and time is money for most of the world. This just proves that Olsson is out of touch with 99% of the world. He thinks that everyone just dosses around and has no comcept of what most people’s lives are because he has never led a normal life that requires you to actually get up and go to work on a schedule. Get a reality check dude. If he can spend €5000 on one plam tree perhaps that palm tree could at least pay someones expenses and overheads to do some work for Olsson for 3 months? Once again Jon just uses people and hopes tha one of his subscribers will do it because they want to be cool like Jon and Benny. Newsflash: Jon Olsson isn’t cool. None of the younge ski generation know who he is anymore. He doesn’t get ski endorsements anymore. Why would someone work for 3 months for free for him? He isn’t a successful business to my knowledge oreven has a good reputation as an employer at all. So why would that look good on your resume?

          • heeee

            I considered replaying but you write so many dumb things that I didn’t think it worth anwsering. It feels like you were taken out from pre school to work in a tobacco farm. If that is the thing with you I’m sorry…

          • disqus_scgerku7jY

            Haha … good answer to that wallace-person , let’s just forget aboat him !!!

          • Wallace

            Fucking retard…the world already forgot about you.

          • Wallace

            So exactly what did I say that is dumb? You.re a fucking moron. People like you that perpetuate channels like Jon Olssons. Its all true for most of the world people work for money. You seem to be the one that is from pre-school if you don’t know that. Internships are there to teach you skills and you require no real experience. Olsson is asking for skilled editing and transitions. He is praying on his young fans and taking advantage of them instead of treating them with respect. That’s fucked up. If you can’t see that, you are worse than him.

          • heeee

            I was redesigning and fine tuning manufacturing and stock keeping plans, forecasting demand, making ERP development plans, and fixing worker premium evaluation methods. So do you consider this as work that counts? And they still didn’t pay me… The mindset they want and have is entrepreneur the one you have is employee. I invest and invested a lot, I still sell stuff without earning a penny just to build up my company…

          • Wallace

            Moron. The fact that the majority of comments here agree that not paying an intern anything and asking them to do 24 videos over 3 months is fucked up proves you are a twat.

          • Wallace

            You don’t have any idea what my mindset is numbnuts. You “sell” stuff without earning a penny is what’s known in the business world as stupid. You don’t “sell” anything of you don’t earn from it. Nothing of what you say above is logical or interesting. If you are going to actually have a point go ahead and make it. They aren’t looking for an entrepreneur, they are looking for a young editor to do all their dirty work for them. This isn’t an internship, its called slavery. An internship usually has some point of contract and some benefits even if sometimes it may not have a salary. Doing an internship is usually something a student would do in the summer and would select a business that has a good reputation and a history and some benefit for the future in their line of work. I am not sure why any young talented YT editor would want to spend all their week editing Jon and Benny’s raw footage and work for 3 months and produce 99% of 24 x 15min videos with no real aim or result or targets to meet and thereafter have no guarantee whatsoever of being kept on or even being given a chance to break even with expenses. You have NO idea about business or opportunity if you think this is a good opportunity for anyone.

          • disqus_scgerku7jY

            Wallace You are an IDIOT !!! Try to get your facts right , knobhead !!! I’m with you on this one heeee !!!

          • Wallace

            You’re a TWAT. What did I not get right? Bellend !!!

          • The Shot Caller

            He gets ski endorsements still . but needs to pay his interns

          • Wallace

            No ski endorsements. Used to get Head skis but no longer an ambassador.

      • The Shot Caller

        I agree the people need to be paid one month internship max

        and Socialism has never worked either

  • Quite disappointing that the trial period is unpaid, I’d expect someone of your caliber to reward work, especially since you’re asking so many people to perform the initial test unpaid. I mean come on, you’re rebuilding the entrance to your home so supercars can fit but you can’t pay 3 months of an editor’s time? At least make it a trial period, after three months if they do qualify you also pay for the time spent in the trial period. Although I really can’t figure out why someone would do free work. Hell, at least give them a percentage of the video income. Encourage passionate kids, don’t take advantage of them.

    • Lucamar Pro

      This is typical of people who think they are super cools! He receives money from RedBull, has sponsors, makes promotions on his channel, buys cars of 200 or 300 thousand euros, houses of 3 million, reforms of 1 million, palms for 100,000 euros but people work free for him. this phrase is perfect “Encourage passionate kids, don’t take advantage of them.” You see in attitudes like the one he had with Railey, he goes from the US to help him plant palm trees and he does not even take him to the airport. Jon seems very cool, but if you see how he treats the people who greet him or his friends, he is only interested in himself. Nothing more.

      • Léo Petit

        About Riley, looking at their faces, it was probably really early morning, and Riley probably didn’t want to ask Jon for driving him to the airport.
        I’d take the free trial, not that i’m a big fan of working for free at all, but if you see the opportunity, it could be great for editor looking for a job.

        And it’s a great way to see if the editor is motivated. And if Jon is like that, there is a reason, he started his fortune by skiing, which he practiced for years before having a single dime.

      • The Shot Caller

        The house is not 3 million

  • RA

    Unpaid intern? WTF? So disappointing from you guys. Would you ever do work for free on a trial basis?

    • Léo Petit

      It depends, if you see the opportunity of having a full time job with an amazing team, you can accept working for free at first, and since it’s a remote job, it’s hard to pay someone with no guarantee whatsoever. (And i’m the first who yell at people asking people for their service for free, but with no good opportunity after that service)

  • Cool! I hope you’ll find someone with overkill skills that knows how to keep the audience’s attention!
    There’s a fine sweetspot between short ‘n sweet and long and wholesome!

    Would’ve been fun too if Benni launched the SkillShare video editing course and you’d pick one of those ‘graduate students’ to help out on the actual vlog.

  • Tijana Barac


    Mitt namn är Tijana Barac och jag är projektledare för Anders Wall-föreläsningen 2019. Vad är detta för föreläsning? Det är Skandinaviens största föreläsning inom entreprenörskap och äger rum i Uppsala! Med nästan 2000 åskådare där majoriteten är studenter och där flera stora entreprenörer får komma och berätta om sin entreprenöriella resa! I år är det den 19:e november.

    Förra året hade vi Isabella Löwengrip, Ben Gorham, Jarno Vanhatapio och Barbra Bergström som talare och det var en succé! Nu är vi på jakt på talare för årets upplaga och en av namnen som dök upp för oss är nämligen du, Jon. Vi har en av talarna spikade för i år och det är ingen mindre än Christian von Koenigsegg!

    Många studenter hade vallfärdat för att höra dig prata om din entreprenöriella resa!

    Förhoppningsvis låter detta som något som hade passat dig!

  • Marco

    4K Raw upload and download every time? Probably required excellent internet connection, not just “Good connection”. Just saying :)