The perfect day?


Today I am going to keep it short and let the pictures talk speak! We have had a fantastic day up in Sölden and right now I am waiting to do something that I have never done before, so I think today is going to be about as good as it gets! ;-) Cant wait to see the Gumball movie when it comes out, the shots we got today was just crazy so thanks to Betsafe for putting all of this together! Stay tuned for our second activity for the day! ;-)


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  • lukas

    Yeah waiting for the private flight!

  • Toroto


    Where is the video??????? :)

  • -mf-

    damn i love that car
    first pic looks sick!

  • Keith

    Sweet pic’s and that wild R8 in the snow…

  • Samuel

    Vad har Oscar för gluggar på de hära bilderna?

  • You are welcome to my Rally School on Ice!

    Hasse G

  • Tomas Vasa

    where is video? :D

  • Jockel

    I always liked the carbon r8 better than the rebellion!

  • Erik A

    Nice pictures

  • Driver

    The first picture is fantastic! Don’t you worry about depreciation driving the car like this? I think that you should remove the box and put gold accents on it and sell it in Dubai….

  • awesome!:-)