The Rebellion- Not for sale


As it now seems to spread like wildfire over the internet that the Rebellion is for sale, I figured that it was time to step in and correct this a bit… ;-)

I was asked if I would sell The Rebellion and I said that if I got a good offer I could think about it, so I was a bit surprised when I saw the add for the car online, at first I thought it was a bit funny, but now I see it everywhere so i thought it was time to step in and correct the rumors. I can also say that the car does not have 1001 hp, so I am not sure how this ad has come about.

So at least now you know… I am back in Sthlm but I might fly to Monaco or Marbella in the morning, not sure yet but I still have 5 days before surgery so I guess I should use the time to get some stuff done, know I will be stuck in bed for a while after that!


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  • You really should sell it you know.

    What good is a car, if the only thing it does is to excessively contribute to Man Made Global Warming? Meaning that it will more than any other form of road going transportation raise the sea-level and worsen the effects of the already record-severe draught in California as an additional example.

    If you need a second car in Monaco/Spain – Why not pick a smallish efficient Audi A3. Either a really efficient diesel, or perhaps the new A3 e-tron. Whatever reduces your emissions the most.

    And of course, if you’re allowed to step outside of Audi fold, then there’s always BMW i8 & i3, Volvo V60 Plug-in hybrid etc. (Scroll down to the second part of that page.)

  • Trainer

    Did they broadcast Olympic GS in Dubai? How about your comments on Ligety’s win. Wonder how many jet set parties, supercars and supermodels take part in his training regiment. Did you honnestly believe you had a decent chance of keeping up with that pack? Seems a lot like smoke and mirrors methinks…like so many athletes that got a few good results and let the fame and lavish lifestyle get the best of them. Hate to see you turn into the Anna Kournikova of skiing. Fyi I really admired you when you were freeskiing and in the early stages of your alpine comeback.

    • The shot Caller

      He actually has been training the past two years at a world class level it was the 4 years prior to that that was suspect

      regarding the guy telling you to get a plug in

      I’m guessing this is the same guy that owns the toyota hybrid that costs the tax payers 5 k per vehicle and he buys it for 30 k when if you took the battery out of the car and ran it as a 4 cylinder it would cost 15 k and get the exact same gas mileage

      my compassion level for those that have bought the vehicle is minimal

      you let your self get ripped off

      again same gas mileage by taking battery out and running it as a 4 cylinder that should cost no more than 15 k

      and we wonder why we have the worst president in history running this country

      • Trainer

        Really!? When pretty boy here is baking in the sun and drawing camo designs for his house or pimping his ride, the others are training hard on snow in the gates. As for gym and dryland training, compare it with Ligety’s or any other world cup competitor, this one’s seems closer to that of a poster boy for Old Navy. Even if I accepted your argument that his training is serious since two years which I don’t, what Olympian starts training seriously two years before the Olympics?!

        I hate seeing athletes hang on either because they’re scared to move on or because they are addicted to the glitz and glamour of being an athlete. The worst thing is that he’s got lots of talent and potential to be a top contender. I hate seeing that go to waste especcially because he’s got so much distraction from his pursuit of bombshell women and materialistic lifestyle.

        Fyi in order to shut the door on you directing a personal attack against me like the previous poster, I competed in Olympics and in a professionnal world tour, all in skiing. So I like to think I know a little bit what I’m talking about and am not just a hater.

      • @’The shot Caller’

        No. I don’t own a Toyota hybrid. I actually don’t own a car. I currently don’t need to. If I absolutely need one, I can rent or borrow one.

        Regardless, you seem to have missed the point. And that point is: *To go for the most efficient car* – just like I wrote. Now, could it be the case that that car could be more expensive than the least costly alternative? Perhaps. But in this case were talking about someone who dropped what, ~6 million SEK on this Radical? And what, ~3,5 million SEK on that R8 with the ski box he just sold?.. And since it would be for a good cause, you know ¬– like the planet we’re all living on – maybe he may just think that spending a little extra for the good cause could actually be worth it…

        And Re: Your current President. Yeah – he could be criticized for a lot of things. Like killing a lot of innocent people in different kinds of aerial strikes for example, which from a national security point of view isn’t exactly ideal, since it gives a lot of people a legitimate reason to want to hit the US back… He could also be criticized for not doing even remotely enough about Man Made Global Warming. But one the whole, would the alternative, namely McCain/Palin or Romney/Ryan, have been better? Absolutely not. And worse than W. Bush, H. W. Bush, Reagan, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Eisenhower & Truman et. al?


        • JB1977

          From an ecological point of view, you are right: the Rebellion (based on an Ultima, btw, NOT a Radical) is not the most fuel efficient and eco friendly car to be driving around in, and that is putting it mildly. That would also be completely besides the point: this car is built for all out performance and the occasional run up a windy road / ski slope / …. I would venture a guess that this is not Mr. Olsson’s daily ride.

          Considering that, how much does it effectively contribute to global warming when compared to, lets say, that daily driven Audi A3 diesel you like to mention? My point? Start with the things that have the biggest effect:

          *daily transport for millions and millions of people who are stuck in traffic because there is no viable alternative in the form of public transport (it takes me 45 minutes to get to work in my car, it would literally take me THREE HOURS to get there by public transport, you figure it out…)

          *big factories pushing out tons and tons of CO2, only because they are able to buy the surplus provided by other, more ecologically friendly businesses out there. On that note: check how batteries are made for those hybrids you suggested, and the impact it has on the environment.

          That said, I would appreciate it if people would just stop acting out their need to be the social conscience of the world and pick on the happy few that can actually afford to build cars such as these. Tree huggers need to realise one thing: when a volcano erupts for a few days, it emits far more CO2 than the whole of humanity can do with their cars in the same period of time…

  • Driver

    Like wrote in an earlier post, the more i think about it, an indoor Jon Olsson invitational in Dubai could be spectacular!

  • Driver

    Have you done your legs to avoid pain when ripping of the tape. ;-)

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  • Richie

    Behöver du rasta dina bilar någon gång… Så har du en erfaren förare och skidåkare här ;D