• T R

    Where can I get that f… great stuff online?

  • Ivan Nankov

    Congrats guys with the brand! Wish you all the best. Have a nice day and be happy!

    Ivan from Bulgaria. ;-)

  • Dinis Pereira

    Im soooo fu****k happy with everthing that is hapenning with your vlog and your life. I see your vlog since the beginning and I simply love what you do and you, Janni and Mr.Ortega ahah are not normal but thats your normal way of life. I really love everything. I hope this christmas I can buy a black hoodie and a douchbag because when I travel I allways think about your vlog and one way that I like to remember is to make a video with cool transitions and then I think… How would they do it and I feel emotional because I its been an incredible journey and I wish you the best for your life. Thank you from Portugal