Since its Christmas tomorrow and you guys mentioned that you wanted more contests on the blog I figured that I would get that going right away, so that someone can win the worlds lightest ski bag on wheels just in time for Christmas!  Douchebags first product was The Douchebag, the ultimate ski bag with space for a ton of stuff. But since a lot of people travel with just one pair of skis or cross country skis we have now developed the Slim Jim, a cheaper light weight version of the Douchebag, still foldable and on wheels but as small and light as it gets!
So, give me your best motivation (in the comments) why I should send you one of these (in you choice of color) tomorrow, you have until 18.00 tomorrow to comment so let me know why you should win the Slim Jim! ;-)
I just landed i Malaga an hour ago, amazing to be down here in the sun, talk about huge contrast from the past 10 days!  So happy to see my girl as well, have missed her more than usual over the past few weeks! I actually did a little guest blog entry on her blog last night with my best tips for long distance relationshops, so if you want my thoughts on that, you can find it here!
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  • Sandro

    Hi Jon
    Want to buy some new stuff from mydouchebag, but when i press the button buy now there is a problem:
    Sorry! We don’t ship to your region yet. Have a look in the retailer page instead.
    The travel wear i can buy, but i want to buy all together.

    Thanks for your efforts.
    Keep up blogging. I enjoy it ;)

    Greets from Liechtenstein

  • Hi Jon,

    I am the only Freeskiing / Monaco lover/ Blogger girl in Bulgaria.
    With a DoucheBag, I will be the only with with a DB as well.
    People here need to know about DB’s existence!


    Mademoiselle Aia

  • Because it would be damn handy when I have to travel with my ski gear.
    Especially a black one.

    peace out,

  • Marcin


    Because you will not probably ever ski in Poland :) So your Bag can :)

    Have a greate 2015 !!! and keep this blog full of different ski ( and not only ) places !!!


  • Hey Jon!

    I would love the Slim Jim because:

    1) I love skiing
    2) I love traveling even more
    3) I think the Douchebags are insanely cool!

    Merry Christmas!


  • These are the good times in your life so put on a smile and it’ll be alright. God Jul kompis :) !

    Calvin Harris – The Rain Lyrics

  • Felix

    Hey Jon,

    I would like to have this cool bag so that i can travel from Menton to all the cool Spots as cool as You do!

    Merry Christmas neighboor,


    Color: Black

  • Daniel

    Hey Jon!
    i just love the Douchebags and already got the Big Bastard and the 30l Hugger. I saw the Skibag like a 10 times in Innsbruck in different stores but always said to me that i already have a Salomon bag and don’t need a new one. Especially cause its not the cheapest. But the other stuff i have is working so awesome and i just would love to have this one to. Color doesn’t matter. It just has to work. and im pretty sure it does!

  • Manuel

    Hi Jon,
    I would need a Slim Jim because I’m traveling every we from Verona to the Dolomites by train to ski, so maybe you know that in the trains there is no palce where you can put your gear expecially if you have big bags that doesn’t fit enywhere.

  • Julian

    Hey Jon
    I am following your blog since early this year about the time when you got injured. The main reason for that was because I have torn my acl in January myself while skiing in the Park. I had surgery in march and rehab ever since. During that time I loved to compare my progress with yours and it was so helpful and motivative to see how you were doing with rehab. Sometimes i was a real struggle and i wondered if i can ever geht back to park skiing. But I made it thanks to hard work and your Blog as a Motivation. So i had my first time back on skis yesterday and it was a blast. Even though I didn’t hit the jumps yet I felt so confident and I am really looking forward to go back to the Park. For my future I want to step my skiing up and travel more the travelbag would be awesome for that. I realised even when you are injured and down you can come back stronger than before!
    Keep it up Jon marry christmas

    • Julian

      If I am the lucky person to win this bag I’d like a black one ;) cheers

  • E Jahren

    Well, i bought a certain skiing Henrik W’s old case at a flea market this fall. Turns out it was just as full of holes as my last case, so guess i will be losing poles this winter as well, Unless!!!

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  • André

    Hej Jon, detta har inte med tävlingen att göra. Såg att du var nere i marbella nu, längesedan man såg en uppdatering på huset. Så om där har hänt något roligt som du är intresserad/ villig att visa oss så tror jag många av oss skulle vara mer än intresserade ;)

    Ha en trevlig jul, och gott nytt år !

  • Biegg Omai

    Efter att ha kånkat på mina skidor i ett fodral som
    bokstavligen håller på att ramla sönder nu i 5 helger
    är det dags för uppgradering. Vankas ju ett gäng resor i vår
    som jag gärna har ett helt fodral till mina skidor!

  • Norppa

    I’m fine with carrying my skis. However my son would appreciate SlimJim. He’s eleven and carrying ski’s during our trips is bit too heavy for him.
    Although he’s english is not perfect yet he still follows you via insta… next generation of readers :D

    • Jon Sten

      Jon, my fellow name:ie!

      I’m 36 and have 3 children; Noak,10, Nils, 8 and Sigrid, 5. We have one common interest that unite us, the passion for skiing! Last year we spent 36 days on skis and this year we already have spent 11 days. As soon as we’ve the possibilities we travel away and ski. Our favourite places are Åre, Trysil and Skeikampen.
      The logistic is mad and i can totally relate to your pictures of a fully loaded car with skis and gear. The thing is that i have so much things to carry and i can clearly see the Slim Jim as to be my best friend on these trips! If any sample comes in pink, thats our choice, otherwise we choose the white!
      Merry christmas from Noak, Nils, Sigrid and Jon

  • Callum


    A Slim Jim would ship a solo set of shoulder high skis, securely straight to snow smothered slopes, super for shredding, slashing and sliding this season.

    Just getting back into full time skiing after a pretty bad knee injury in 2012 (3 broken ligaments) so a Slim Jim would make my transitions from the airport to the slopes all that more stylish and enjoyable. Great blog, with some good inspiration to get out there and ski more, but put the effort in with the off show work to. Hope your rehab continues in the right direction!


  • siggi

    Because it is as elegant and slim as your girlfriend (i’m playing on her feelings :D ). In pitch black to honour her new clothing line

  • chris

    Truly living the “No Friends on a Powder Day”- lifestyle, so I have only one pair of skis to carry –> Slim Jim’s the best for me! :)

  • I don’t think we really need things when we have the luxury to travel the world and have fun! However i would definitely want one! My interests are exactly the same as yours! I like to go to sunny places, as my second love is Cape Town in South Africa. (You need to go there and have a kite surf session by the way! Janni would have the time of her life in the most beautiful city of this planet.) I like to go skiing in my beloved Les Menuires and most of all i like cars!

    I really dig the RS7 but the lamborghini was something else, what a car and what a journey you had with it! You make me quit jealous with all the traveling you do and to have only a hint of all of that, i would like to travel in style with the douchebag like you always do.

    So i don’t need it, but i would realy realy realy want one!

    Have a good one upcoming days and keep up the good (travelling) work.

  • Lorin

    Hi Jon!
    It’s already more than 2 years ago that I discovered your blog and that I’m following it on a daily bases.
    I’m working as an Engineer in a exciting environment. My work is one thing and is challenging me every day but my free time and hobby’s are the best things and keeps me motivated every day!
    These things are noteworthy reflected in your blog and life.
    Your passions for all kind of things that you’re sharing with us (ski, cars, travel, sport, food, ..) gives me a lot of motivation en dedication to do those kind of things to fulfil my happy life!
    From the beautiful moments that might seem so easy to the also less easy situations. It’s an inspiration and helped me out already quit some times.
    Therefore it would be a big honour if I could win this bag. It would be a lovely reminder of what you’re live-sharing meant to me and will keep me motivated for all that is still to come! It’s a little “JonOlsson” piece that I will carry with me in life!
    – Lorin -

  • Jed

    Hey Jon!

    Hope all is well! I am currently juggling starting up my own business while still at University in London – all is very hectic at the moment. However, my friends and I still get in overnight drives to the Alps for long weekends of skiing, therefore it would be awesome to have a compact bag for my skis.

    Have a good christmas man!

  • Richard M-S

    Hejsan Jon!

    Jag är en fattig student som har lyckats knåpa ihop lite pengar med hjälp av ett sommarjobb. Pengarna ska gå till en skidresa i vinter och eftersom det är knapert med pengar så vore det ganska grymt om jag fick en Slim Jim istället för att behöva ta pappkartong, silvertejp och soppåsar för att skydda mina skidor!

    MVH Richard

  • Martin

    Hey Jon,
    actually I am a professional track and field athlet but I love every kind of skiing so much that I go skiing as much as possible altough it is bad for my track performance. Unfortunately due to some contracts, it is not allowed for me to go skiing during the indoor season, but the fact that the indoor season is nearly from January to the end of March there is not much space to go skiing.

    So I need the Slip Jim to travel with my Skis without someone noticing me carring Skis in the time I am not allowed to. So it would be awesome if you would send me one of those sexy Bags ;-)

    Cheers, Martin

  • the Saint

    Hi Jon,

    Why I need one?
    Well, let me see…because i can stick a 100 cans of RedBull inside and there will be still enough space for my skis. Then load the ski bag into the trunk of my beautiful Audi S6 QUATTRO and attack the mountains. Because only Audi’s know how to climb the hills with fineness and only DB can make you smile when you see one of them to lying on the back of your Audi.

    It doesn’t matter who will win the bag, hope someone who really need it, someone who deserve it and were very benevolent throughout the year…like me. :) Anyway the main thing is …GUYS HAVE A FUN, and don’t you never stop looking for а skiing adrenaline!

    Jon to you and your family wish you all a bright Merry Xmas and a very Happy New Year 2015 full of joy.


  • Niclas

    Why i need it? Pretty simple, i am going on many skiing trips this winter and i need a new bag so much since the one i am currently using is not looking like it did when i bought it many years ago. My “hugger 30L” is kind of lonely so a Slim Jim next to it would be perfect so i can make all my friends really jealous and walk through the airport looking like a total douchebag! If i became the lucky one the color should be Pitch Black!
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all! I wish you the very best and success in 2015, Jon!

  • Tim

    Hi Jon,

    i bought a no name skibag and it didn’t even handle two rides by train to Oberstdorf. So i would love to say that the slim jim in black could handle it better, but until now i don’t have one ;)
    Merry Christmas to you and Janni!

  • Peri

    Hi Jon,

    I would need the Slim Jim because i go skiing every weekend, but unfortunately it’s a 150 km trip done by train. After i leave the train, there is a 20-30 minute walk until i arrive at the lifts. Unfortunately this stupid people from the town council aren’t able to put a ski bus line from the train station to the lifts.
    Most of the time taxi’s don’t take you because the skis are too long or you might scratch his car etc… deh, living in Romania ain’t so easy.
    Therefore i have to carry my skis and the other equipment on my shoulder for 30 minutes every weekend so I can go ski.

    The Slim Jim and his wheels will definitely help me in my skiing days on my home mountain, because it folds so well and i can put it in my backpack during the ski days if i’m going for a one day trip. If i’m going for more, i’ll save so much space in the tiny lodges.

    Color? Black of course!

  • Tjena. Skulle sitta fint med nytt skidfodral, ska iväg till Kina och tävla nu och är alltid lite krångel med att fodralet väger för mycket. Vi längdskidåkare har inte så roliga fodral ivanliga fall men detta känns riktigt king. Kör Skidor på elitnivå och det betyder en hel del resor och konkande på flygplatser och så, håller även på och hoppar en del, med längdskidor såklart. Du kan hitta filmer på youtube om du söker på XHC.

    Hälsningar Johan

  • The slim jim will fit my xc skiis, my DH skiis and the tubing i’m going to use to make the roll cage for my rally car. Yes it’s an Audi. It’s the perfect fit.

    – A -

  • Geoff

    I work security at a facility where they test beauty products on Dachshunds and need a bag to help smuggle the little guys to safety. With this bag, I’m guessing I can rescue 3-5 dogs per day. If I don’t win it, their lives are on your head. Also, my Armada bag is torn to shreds and missing all it zippers after my last trip.

  • Ember

    Dammit Because sometime girls find Douchebags irresistible! Especially in steel gray :)

  • Russ

    The worlds heaviest man needs the worlds lightest ski bag. We will be the perfect match!

  • Adrian

    För att bagen jag har atm är som ett godståg i jämförelse, visst är det ju storleken som räknas men inte när det gäller förvaring och förflyttning av mitt allra heligaste, min snowboard. Så en slim Jim i Pitch black, that’s all I am asking for :)

  • pizza

    Since every couch pillow has been turned and every pocket been emptied in search of every coin possible to afford the actual flights to Canada and Japan the recent seasons, my luggage solution hasn’t been first priority. 10 flights with my skis and poles taped together with duct tape hasn’t only resulted in looking like a turist carrying his skis like this around several international airports, it has also resulted in several crooked poles. As you may understand, this make me a real bad face for skiing as a sport, and with you being a fashionable person I can’t imagine you letting me keep doing this.

    God jul!

  • Magnus

    Jag har varken väska till mina slalomskidor eller längdskidor och med kommande skidresor och (dum som man är) ett Vasalopp skulle det bli lite lättare med en douchebag!

    God Jul!

  • Roy

    Hi Jon
    I will go in january with my girlfriend from spain skiing in formigal and need a skibag for traveling with the airplain and a slim jim is perfect for my bent chetler’s. Because when i cant bring my skis i need rent there skis. And last year was horrible. I need make first a fullservice, i waxing with my girlfriends hairdryer. So when i can choice i prefer black
    Sorry for my bad english.

  • Mamma Mia

    Hejsan Jon. Skall åka med min 16åriga son till Tyskland på freeskitävling i januari. Det skulle vara flott om även mina skidor rymtes med :)

  • Luca

    Simple and clever as it gets … why not ?

  • Johan

    Upp och ner för bergen jag går, Aj Aj vad ont de gör i mina lår. Ingen väska för mina skidor jag har, kånkar på skidorna vartän jag far. Ser ut som en riktigt turist, även fast jag är född att åka pist. Jag vill inte sitta här och fjäska, men ack, vad jag behöver en väska, svårt att hämta all den ork, när allt jag vill lära mig är en dubbel-cork. Så snälla låt mig vinna denna väska, annars kommer mitt intresse för skidor att beskna. Heja Jon och ta nya tag kanske får vi se en pretzel en vacker dag!

    God Jul Jon!

  • Djingis


  • Christoffer

    A Slim Jim would make the perfect x-mas gift!
    I’ve got a trip to Val Thorens booked in January, and as of today, no skibag to get my skis there in style and comfort. I’ve been having extreme cravings for a Db for quite a long time now and being a perfectionist (like som others ;)..) i love stuff that is properly working and well developed. Absolutely in love w/ the Steel Gray!

  • Gustav K


    Jag har nyligen köpt mina första par skidor, har åkt flera år tidigare men aldrig riktigt haft råd med skidor förns nu..
    Självklart köpte jag mig ett par skidor från head (twintips) då du och många andra proffesionella åkare använder sig av just head.
    Jag har en sjukt otymplig väska från stadium som är onödigt stor för mina skidor (177cm). Därför känner jag att jag behöver en sådan smart och lättillgänglig väska.

    Gustav K

  • Mathias

    I need that bag because it matches my “Douchebags coming through” sticker on the car.
    Otherwise, the people will keep looking strange when they pass and I can’t expalain what douchebag means.
    A Steel Gray one would be wonderfull !


  • Daniel

    Well.. I was just about to write my killer motivation, but then I saw the post from the 9 year old kid.. Give it to him! I cant take it from a child..

  • David

    Hi Jon,

    I really need this bag because I’m heading to park city on March 16 for one week.
    I don’t have a ski bag so it will be nice to have the new douchebags.


  • Gustaf

    Jag borde vinna då jag har dubbel användning för fina väskan. Då jag både spelar golf samt åker skidor kan jag använda väskan dubbelt så mycket som de andra här. Packar gärna lätt även på sommaren då bilen genast blir full av allt annat.

    God jul!

  • K

    …Because the handles on my shitty Oakley snow sleeve could not handle it last week and snap in half ! Plus i’m a real douche so this would fit me perfectly. Keep up the good work Jon love your blog !

  • Martin

    Hei! Jeg er Martin og er 9 år. Jeg elsker å stå på ski. Mamma har ikke skiboks så bagen hadde vært kjempe fin å hatt så skia mine kunne liggi fint inne i bilen. Gøy at du syntes Vierli er fint, der har jeg vært også :-)

  • Hi Jon,

    of course I think I need the ski bag. I am a ski instructor on the road and therefor travel a lot in my bus. And a nice white ski bag would fit perfectly to my car and would keep me organized a little more ;-)

    Merry Christmas

  • Raoul

    Hi Jon:) do you remember me?

    A few days ago you made the post about your visitors stats at your homepage. You wanted some ideas in order to increase the number of visitors. Well I gave you an advice to maybe launch some competitions or games in order to grab staff from you:) now you’re actually launching such a competition. So since I gave you this idea, maybe you could choose me as one of the winners?!:) that would definitely make my christmas evening perfect:) hope to hear from you…:)

    Enjoy your christmas & stay healthy!



  • Raiko kaldoja

    Hey Jon, i need that bag, so i can make my friends and strangers jealous when going on skiing trip :)

  • Henk

    Hi Jon!

    The main reason why I need a ski bag? To take my ski’s on my annual skiing trip to the Alps with style.
    I currently have a very cheap -and way to big- bag from Decathlon which is white with blue and orange dots on it. Not very manly, I know.
    It also doesn’t have any wheels, so I have to carry it everywhere on my shoulders.
    My main bag for travelling is a big bag from TNF, which is also made to be carried on my back. You see the problem? I have to take all this equipment and bags with me on the train and on the bus to get to the slopes. I could actually use an extra guy to carry my luggage!
    With this Douche Bag all I would have to do is put the TNF bag on my back and wheel my ski’s next to me. Veeeery easy!

    Also, I share my ski’s with my father and brother, so basically they make a trip to the alps about 3-4 times a year. It would be better for the ski’s to travel these distances in a proper ski-bag!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Oliver

    Hi Jon,

    As a marketing student and skiing enthusiast, your work with Douchebags is truly inspiring. You have managed to create an established high-end brand which makes the best looking and most practical bags on the market, in just a few years. With my limited student budget I have put all my money on skis and skiboots leaving me with a poor skibag from Stadium, which doesn’t really cut it to take on the winter adventures!

    Stort lycka till, blir kul att följa din nya resa i vinter!

    PS. Det har fortfarande inte trillat in några stickers i brevlådan såhär 3-4 månader senare ;) haha

  • joel

    jag tycker att jag e en lämplig vinnare för att jag reser med skidor i snitt 5 (tur och retur) gånger per år och en skidbag på hjul till jul skulle vara grymt jag har väl i snitt 40 skiddagar per år de forna säsongerna men i år är första året som jag inte går i skola och räknar med att komma upp i ca 100 vara fall då jag tillbringar 3 månader i Kanada, om jag skulle få den skulle den användas mycket till skillnad från många andra som kanske åker iväg en gång per år! haade

  • Adam

    Jag borde vinna The Slim Jim för att jag har precis köpt The Base väskan så jag borde ha The Slim Jim för dem passar bra ihop.
    Jag ska till Hafjell nu över nyår och då har jag igen skidväska som jag kan använda så det hade varit perfekt att kunna ha världens lättaste skidväska på hjul när jag ska gå till liften.
    Den som hade varit perfekt hade varit the Slim Jim dusty white.
    God Jul

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    • However I would still love to win a Slim Jim!

  • Pascal

    poor jon who has to read an judge all these comments… :)
    …I’m keeping it short: Steel Gray.

  • Lukas

    So I can put my snowboard in it!

  • Fanny Sahlqvist

    Hej Jon! Har sedan en längre tid följt din blogg och du är en att inspiration för mig som älskar vintersport. Likaså gör min pojkvän, som brinner för skidåkning och i februari är det första gången han ska få upptäkt alperna. Han har länge suktat över “slim Jim” och att få vinna den till honom skulle vara en dröm. Han skulle vilja ha färgen “steel grey”.
    God Jul, önskar Fanny

  • HH

    I simply need it because i hate to travel with skis at the moment because of realy bad ski bags. Would love to travel on vacation to the alps next year with a new and light ski bag that i can connect to my “big bastard”.
    Would like the steel gray colour.

    Happy Christmas!

  • Hi Jon,
    I think I am right aspirant to get the Slim Jim as a perfect Christmas present.
    My story may be different but it´s about 4 months ago since I have met the best man of my life who is a skier and who is from Norway. I am from Czech republic and soon plan to move up to Scandinavia which has been my dream for all my life. Yea, life is crazy but beautiful at the same time! So I need new piece of luggage to bring all the necessary things with me – and skis definately are :).
    That´s it and make luv, guys!

  • Johannes

    i just came home from mogul skiing training camp in ruka and notice that my ski bag is broken, ski bag’s side was ruptured in car.. :( Would be best christmas gift if in Slim Jim tomorrow!:)

  • Dan

    I need a Slim Jim because I have to travel great distances to ski, I only ever travel with one pair of skis, and my 2007 JO Pros deserve better than the floppy, torn-up Scott “Travel Line” ski bag that I currently use!

  • Jag skulle vilja vinna “slim Jim” för att jag har en massa skidresor planerade denna vinter men har bara en otymplig “stadium” väska att bära runt skidorna i vilket blir tröttsamt till slut så “slim Jim” hade passat perfekt för att den har hjul är smal och verkar bara allmänt bra att ha när man ska ut på skid resor. //Sebastian God jul!

  • Bettan

    Julen är en glädjens högtid, det handlar om att glädjas och att vara generös mot andra. Om jag skulle få chansen att vinna denna skulle jag glädjas! Mest för att jag då skulle ha en möjlighet att ge en fin gåva till min fantastiska pojkvän sedan 30 år och det behöver firas. Två önskningar i en jag gläds och jag får även vara generös och givmild till någon annan.
    Minpojkvän är mitt stöd i livet ( jag är allvarligt sjuk själv) och han ställer alltid upp. Han är väl värd denna skibag. Den skulle pasa på hans drömsemester – heliskii i Alaska.

  • David

    I would be emensly grateful, my slim frame deserves a slim jim!

  • You should send me once Jon, because I really need it: I used to live in Nice, to ski in Limone and many other places because I’ve been riding for more than 30 years as a real passionate, and now that I live in the Reunion Island (southern hemisphere), I miss it so much that I’d like to easily, safely and nicely bring a pair of skis to my new home, even if I won’t be able to use right now! ;-)

  • Giova

    Hey Jon, it’s great to do this contest ! I am a true fan since forever, and then he will go very well with my collection already DB “the big bastard”, “the hugger 30L” and my “jokke Base pro”! Knowing that I’m going to buy my first pair of HEAD ski, it will be great with! all the colors so I like I let you choose!
    thank you and good luck to all!

  • Alex

    I’m lazy and behind schedule with my Xmas shopping + my mortuary body bag serving as ski bag has been destroyed two days ago…

  • Sebastian

    Slim Jim är en pryl som jag verkligen hade behövt. Du vet den där känslan när man packar för skidresan och man inser att man behöver anställa någon för att bära ens bagage? Nu slipper jag det problemet och kan rulla med mig min Slim Jim istället. Om jag vinner önskar jag mig en dusty white den är den är löjligt snygg!

    Ha det gott

  • jam rob

    Hi Jon,

    I would love to have a Slim Jim as I feel it provides an easy way of compacting all of my skiing equipment (skis, poles, sallies etc) in to one, easy to carry piece of luggage. I live in Scotland, and even though there aren’t that many ski resorts up here I still love to spend as much time on the slopes as I can. Most of the trips I have done only last 1 or 2 days, therefore I only have to take 1 set of skis. It is for this reason i think the Slim Jim would be perfect for me!

    I think the bag looks best in Steel Gray, but any other colour would be awesome as well!

    Loving the blog and look forward to hearing the results of the competition!

    have a good Christmas.



  • Felix

    Send it to me, cause it will fit to my collection of several Douchebags. And I always wanted a SlimJim as well when it comes to travel with only one pair of skis. My “TheDouchebag” is to big when we trave in Group of 3-4 in one car.

  • Christoffer

    So that I can arrange a funeral for my trusted ”InterSport” ski bag. That after seven years have seen better days. And probably only have one season left in him.
    A Steel Gray would be sick!

  • Kyle

    Because everything in Canada is frozen 90% of the time.