Winter transporter!


As you all know I have been debating on winter cars for a quite a while. As the seems Aventador seems to taking a while and there has come a few other alternatives into the picture I decided to get something temporary. When I saw the "temporary car" I was actually stoked that the Aventador was running late!  I think this this thing tuned out sick! Best of all, no more rental cars!!!!  This thing is 100% ready to be driven 50 000km this winter! ;-)

So this is why Oskar was not with me in London, he was busy driving it down here with his friend Marcus. As I just flew in we are now 3 people that need to get to Monaco tonight, so how do we solve this? ;-) Find out in the morning! 

Off to the Big Air event here in Modena! Full speed 24/7!


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  • hi-hes wallpaper please !

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  • jamie

    Awesome!!! Congrats, Jon for the new car! truly sweet and quite noisy I think!?

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  • HaHa. Sweet. How are things at the Jon Olsson HQ these days? Drop me a mail when u got time.
    Best/ BoZ

  • Sebastian

    I saw this car in Gothenburg the other day. Pretty amazing!

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  • The Shot Caller

    Pretty amazing flat out amazing

  • Martin


  • JRG ©

    Can’t believe it, you always come up with the greatest idears. A Gallardo as a temp wintercar, AWESOME!

  • Lennart

    Awesome! When are the video’s coming? =)

  • Driver

    Perhaps Marcus bought a McLaren MP4-12C?

  • KungFu

    I’m in love

  • johan

    man, you are just amazing.
    its like you’re doing what i want my life to be like in the future ;)

  • Colin

    Back to the beginning!

    • E

      Yes, but this time is the skibox on the right place

  • Alex

    Awesome! :)

  • Christoffer


    Bra jobbt Jon!

    mvh Finland

  • asbjørn

    who in the world other than mr olsson can have a camo gallardo with skibox as a temp car??? you are crazy!! cant wait to see som video of this think and hear the noise!!!!:) congrats on your new car!

  • Olaf

    What abou the ehgine?
    Is it the biturbo wersion,U’ve been talking about earlier?


  • Anna

    haha, härligt (:

  • tim


  • JobReinbergen

    Very nice, the camo wrap + the tinted windows work out just fine. But WHY are the old Gallardo rims on a LP-540 ;)?

    Anyway, I’m jelly!


    • Driver

      Winter radials?

  • Fredrik

    Har inte riktigt hängt med, vad har hänt med Lamborghini Aventador? Har du inte kvar gtr;en heller?

    • Alex

      Aventadoren är försenad och skulle komma vid årsskiftet. Sen tror jag han har kvar nissan kvar :)

  • suz

    really miss your videos/videoblogs…just sayin’

  • irene

    Nice car Mr. Olsson and also the color’s very special. I’d say, perfect for you. :-) I hope to see you and your car at some races in Switzerland this winter… Good luck for the Big Air Event and take care of your knee! Bisous de Paris ;-)

  • Björn

    Looking good. :)

  • Fredrik

    Wow what a dream for oskar! luucky!
    Niiiice car dude!

  • Jonas

    ….just lovely! Is it a out of the box Gallardo or what extras is it (except the box, of course )? The picture make it even more evil, good shot!

  • En underbar bil!
    Har alltid tyckt om gallrdon sedan den första du hade!
    Ser fram emot mer bilder på den!

  • PiA

    You need to let us know your general schedule more often! If I’d known, I’d have come to Modena today instead of planning lunch out.
    The Gallardo’s looking very good… I like the orange touches. Have you left the engine untuned? Doubt it!

  • bigrick21

    sweet !!!.

    for the transportation problem for 3 people sounds pretty easy for me , 2 in regular seats and 1 have to go in the skibox , think abut that solution .

  • Driver

    Looks awesome! Hope you will find the snow cammo:ed car in the snow! ;-) And – the shot is wonderful, mr Bakke! Hmmm… what would you pick? London or drive a snow cammo Lambo with a ski-box through Europe?? Good trade, oskar!

  • It’s pretty nice.