Wrapping transformation!


Good morning Stockhom! I just woke up here at Jannis moms place just outside the capital where we spent the night. Had kind of a horrible day yesterday where everything that could go wrong went wrong. The roads in central London where closed so we got a 30 min power walk (with luggage) to the train station so got to the airport all sweaty. Then my passport did not match the name on my tickets, when we finally figured that out we had to pay 80€ in overweight… It was just one of those days…

On a totally different subject, I got this time lap video of when the Rebellion got wrapped before this years Gumball. Incredible to see what one can do with a bit of foil! Big thanks to Wrapzone for always helping me out last minute! Have been trying to figure out a new look for this year, but I have to admit that I have a hard time figuring out how to upgrade the current camo look. I kind of know what I want, but I just can't put it down on paper!

48 hours in Sthlm before we fly to Bali, so I think I might have to go look at some surfboards and board shorts! ;-)


  • hans


    Audi definitely was “inspired” if not copy your camp look on this rs7. You should be proud

  • Driver

    How about a german wwII winter camo like on the Stuka Divebomber? Add some big caliber bullet holes. And then a couple of x-out Ferrari and Porsche stickers to symbolize the “shot down” cars

  • Erik

    Green camo and the letters “Russia stay away from Sweden”

  • Fred

    Check out the ripcurl MF1, quiksilver ag47 or the oakley blade 4.